The Myth of the Good Writer

A poem

Nia Simone McLeod
oh, write


A Black woman reads a book to her child.
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Creating something out of nothing
is a motion that I’m accustomed to,
tattooed to my skin in an ink color
only I can see.

Creating something good is insignificant.

“Good” is an ever-changing, morphing,
catalyst of groupthink, of what happens
when intellectuals pow-wow,
propping themselves into false idols, gods.

I reject goodness,
stabbing it in its fleshy underbelly.

It has never been me.

I only create somethings out of nothings,
telling stories that don’t normally make it out of the mud,
someone has to wash them off,
tell them that they’re beautiful, that they matter.

Nia Simone McLeod is a lot. She’s an ex-Justin Bieber fan fiction writer. She’s a bad idea factory. She’s even an Instant ramen connoisseur. But, at the top of the ever-growing list of titles is “perfectly mediocre writer”, dishing out lukewarm takes on everything from pop culture to mental health.

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Nia Simone McLeod
oh, write

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