Prepathon is now Oheyo — A year of growth

Allwin Agnel
Nov 27, 2017 · 3 min read

In this article, we explain our journey over the last year, and why we re-branded from Prepathon to Oheyo. It’s a story of how videos showed us the best way to connect with experts.

We launched Prepathon in mid–2015 with the goal of providing access to courses driven by automated bots. It was the platform on which you could join courses, receive feedback from bots and prepare for your exam. The thesis was simple — the work done by teachers was repetitive, especially feedback and suggestions, and we felt we could automate those parts very well. We succeeded, until we we heard from our users that they wanted more access to teachers than less.

As we worked to solve the problem of enabling access to teachers, we built a Video Q&A feature that both teachers and students equally loved. Students could ask questions directly to teachers and every answer by the teacher would be broadcast to all of the teacher’s followers.

Lt. Col. Ganesh Babu has answered over 120 questions with videos on his channel.
  • Teachers like Lt. Col. Ganesh Babu who trains students for the prestigious Armed Forces entrance exams, found that sharing his knowledge and answering questions of his students through video helped build his reach and also helped get more enrolments for his classes.
  • The ease of Q&A and the seamless interaction with students helped him gain over 4900+ followers on his channel.
  • Students across India love the fact that they can now have access to the some of the most knowledgeable experts in the country through the app.

Once Video Q&A took off — we noticed a lot of demand from other experts & professionals to use the platform to share knowledge with their audience.

We soon had spiritual gurus from Art of Living, The Brahmakumaris; Nutritionists like Mickey Mehta, Ryan Fernando, Rujuta Divekar; Political Parties like BJYM; Politicians like Shehzaad Poonawala, Ruben Mascarenhas and even coaching legends like Bansal Classes–Kota started using the platform.

Beyond the initial goal of enabling access to teachers, the product has evolved to enable access to some of the world’s best experts. This is the primary reason for us to do a name change from Prepathon to Oheyo. The name change better reflects the current and future direction of the company.

If you ever need access to the best experts and need to hear from them, Oheyo is the place to be. We’ll see you there.

Find us on iOS , Android or the web.

Our new look :)

About Oheyo

Oheyo (previously Prepathon) is an app that enables access to the world’s experts via video. It is a Blume Venture funded company and a part of the PaGaLGuY group. Oheyo is being used by 100K+ users and hundreds of the nation’s top experts from areas like teaching, nutrition, spirituality, lifestyle and more.


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