3 tips to make the most of Betalist.com

Sunday night 31 January, 2016

I was on my way to the movies when I got the first of a continuous and hectic stream of notifications (using notify + slack):

Oh my George !

(yes we hope that eventually people will use our brand name to express their reaction when they will play our addictive game for financial markets, https://ohmygeorge.com/)!

BetaList finally featured us! see: BetaList my love/hate story

To be honest we didn’t know exactly what to expect from being listed.

I’m writing these words exactly five days after being featured (Friday 5th February), and by now the notifications have faded away, so we can take a step back and take a look at our BetaList Experience!

OK! Let’s dive into it:

+20.000 EMAILS

Mind = blow

OK, let’s be serious, [#noBS]

For our landing page we are using a waitlist system (http://waitlisted.co/), Before getting featured we already had 507 people on that list.

We are now at 725 emails!! So we got +218 emails, awesome.

What about the website traffic? On the peak day we got 250 users

So far, our experience has been positive. We managed to get a good number of signups and a good amount of user feedback from our survey. So this will be my thoughts on :

How to make the most out of BetaList.com !

when people sign up on our landing page three things happen:

  1. Thank you / referral page

This single page got us 15 referrals and many tweets (can’t track facebook shares) and we assume people also shared our startup from BetaList listing page which even more importantly, helped us get in the trending section on the betalist.com homepage for two extra days!

Trending on the home page for 2 days!

2. Welcome Email

Our welcome email is pretty simple, the objective is to get a better understanding of the market and potential user needs. The best way to figure that out is to ask them directly, SURVEY!

We didn't invent electricity here

This email got an open rate of 70% and click rate 45%

We got +77 survey answers from BetaList Beta Testers.

(help us! take the survey here: https://olivomg.typeform.com/to/aSl59H )

In the survey we also have a link for our private beta facebook group, we assumed it was the easiest way to exchange with our beta users. This group will be used to get practical and fast feedback on all our new features.

+36 people joined us since the BetaList “effect”- Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/421629667961764

3. the one week later referral email

This email will be pushed one week after the signup. It will help people to share our app with their friends via their unique link or with facebook/twitter sharing options and to remind about the awesome prizes they can win!

Conclusion :

idea + landing page + BetaList.com = 🙌💯!

I can see BetaList as a powerful validation tool for your crazy ideas. Just need to set up a landing page and get early feedback on your product. Definitely a service you will use to go from zero to one 🚀

BUT, also waiting to see how actual BetaList testers will convert to real users of our product once available. I will update this post accordingly.

(ps : Thanks Marc Köhlbrugge 🤗)

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