Signed a joint business agreement on biodiesel power generation project with reduction of fine dust and GHG (Green House Gases) without risk of radiation

Sep 6, 2019 · 2 min read

Pushing Micro-Algae biodiesel power generation project between Aussie Green Bioenergy and Regaia Energy

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Aussie Green Bio Energy, Pty, Ltd., (CEO, Woo-Duk Lee) headquartered in Australia and Reaia Energy, Pty, Ltd., (CEO, Jae-Hoon Kim) headquartered in Singapore, is producing bio-oil from Malaysia and Indonesia microalgae farms and supplying it to Japanese biodiesel power plants. held a joint business agreement ceremony for Micro-Algae biodiesel power generation business to reduce fine dust and GHGs (Green House Gases) without the risk of radiation.

Recently, the US HEI (Health Effects Institute) announced that more than 17,000 deaths due to air pollution in Korea (as of 2017) and more than 90% of them are due to ultra-fine dust (PM-2.5).

According to the Paris Agreement, CO2 emissions should be reduced by at least 45% by 2030 to limit the global average temperature rise to 1.5 ℃ by 20% of fossil fuels should be converted to non-edible and biofuels.

In this situation, Lee Woo-deok, CEO of Aussie Green Bio Energy, who signed the agreement, said, “We need 189 mt of Micro-Algae oil to produce 100 MW sized of electricity at the Japanese Biodiesel Power Plant that emerged as an alternative to the Fukushima Nuclear Accident. We will build an algae farm and produce 189mt of microalgae oil, reduce 567tCO2 of GHGs and the amount of fine dust as well, which is very helpful for financial stability of national health insurance. We plan to execute the investment transparently by deploying blockchain-based technology.”


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