We Invited 55 Artists To Combat COVID-19

The result: Cards Against Corona

May 20, 2020 · 4 min read

It’s tough to keep the creative juices flowing when you’re locked up in quarantine. The creative industry has slowed down drastically and many companies have pulled the brakes on marketing efforts, rebranding and product launches. As we struggled to find new clients under these circumstances, we wanted to find a creative way to combat the pandemic and react to the difficulties the creative industry is going through.

We asked 55 creatives to interpret the pandemic in their own creative way.

With Cards Against Corona, we encouraged creatives to interpret and visualize the pandemic in whatever way they see fit — covering anything from toilet paper hoarding, home quarantine, robot-ambulances, hand wash reminders, social distancing tools and angry virus creatures.

Illustrators, designers and artists from 30 countries are represented, featuring both new talents and internationally recognized visual magicians.

Artwork for ♠️6 by Lisa Tegtmeier (Germany).

The result is a diverse and visually stunning set of playing cards, co-created by 55 creatives. Every card features a unique artwork, inspired by the pandemic.

Freelance illustrator Jasmine Floyd, approached the Six of Clubs with a hopeful and empowering vision:

Artwork for ♣️6 by Jasmine Floyd (United Kingdom).

The idea behind my illustration was to channel who we are as humans and what we want to come out of this pandemic. What really matters to us. Relationships, working together and supporting each other to get through. I like the idea of using a really cheery and vibrant style because I think we all need a little happiness at this current time — and a reminder of how wonderful the world that we live in is.

Artwork for ♦️A by Krzysztof Nowak (Poland).

All profits will be donated

Cards Against Corona won’t save the world

The limited card deck will be available for purchase until June 31 and will start shipping in July, 2020.

Available for $19.95 — Pre-order here


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