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London experience — study in one of the most famous world capitals

London. A place many only dream of. With OK Student you can actually study at one of London’s great universities. We asked our advisor, Stefan Loncar to describe his experience of living in the heart of the UK and to choose 5 top things about London life.

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London, the capital of the UK is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the UK and Europe. With around 10 million people it is the largest city in Western Europe and 3rd largest in Europe making it the centre of many exciting opportunities and happenings. You can talk about why studying in London is perfect for a student for days or even weeks, but in this blog, we will outline 5 points which are the most interesting to students whose desire is to study in London.

Why study in London?

  1. Business and industry centre:
Piccadilly Circus // source: Pexels

It is well known that London is one of the largest business and finance centres in the world. London Stock Exchange is one of the three largest in the world, making it the finance centre of Europe and the world. Apart from finance companies, there are also many other prestigious corporations with headquarters in London, creating many opportunities for work in this big city. Why is this important? As a student it is very important to be close to London’s industry as you will have a true insight on what it is like to live and work in London. Also, there are many internships, summer schools, placements, and jobs in London, which you as a student can access easily by studying at one of London’s universities. Applications for jobs are much easier as you can just come into the company and do that interview or test. Living in London will also put you in the right mindset of working in London. Waking up early, traveling to work, London “rush hour” is something students experience each day, which gives them the right picture of what it is really like living in London. Having so many companies and opportunities, London is a perfect city for an ambitious student who seeks to develop their career fast and successful.

2. The best universities in the world

Tower bridge // source: Pexels

London is a home to some of the best universities in the world. Even saying that you study in London gives a completely different impression to people. They are aware that studying in London requires hard-work, ambition and special skills which make you stand out as a person. London universities have a notable and prestigious history and reputation in the world and upon completion of your studies it “opens the doors” to many exciting opportunities. Some of the most brilliant minds in human history attended London universities and just being a part of that university will give you a special feeling. They are the best in the world because of London itself. Industry has pushed universities to provide the best quality of education to have the best prospects when coming to work for them. Close ties with the industry are also something these universities like to point out as its connection will create many opportunities for future work.

3. International city

London Chinatown // source: Pexels

London is in the UK, yes that is true, but reality is that it is an international city. Just walking around famous Oxford street supports this statement as you will hear people speaking languages from all around the world. But they are not only tourists who regularly visit London, they are also people who live and work here. This international vibe is amazing as you do not have to travel around the world to meet people of different cultures, just come to London. Also, this strong international community created many international hotspots, like restaurants, bars, events, gatherings etc. Just go to the city centre and you can be in India eating an amazing curry and then after you finish just in a few minutes you can drink Italian espresso. Multiculturality is unique to London as there are also many events and gathering internationals organise to meet their fellow countrymen who are in London. The story is the same at the universities in London. Some universities welcome more than 150 different nationalities and 50 different societies which connect people form the same culture. London overall really celebrates cultures from all round the world. You will meet many cultures from around the world, but most importantly with meeting other cultures you will appreciate yours!

4. Student life

source: Pexels

Well, not everything is academia, sometimes you just have to relax and enjoy life and is there a better place then London? Music, fashion, theatre, sport and nights out are just some of the areas students like to explore in London. Various concerts of famous artists all over the world are placed in London, so if you want a nice relaxed night with music, O2 arena is booked even a year in advance, so make sure you get that ticket. After the concert of course you will go for a night out, and the streets of London will allow you to really find what you want. From bars and nightclubs to restaurants, London allows everyone to find themselves while enjoying student life. September is time for fashion as London Fashion Week takes place. There are many people who attend this event so London in that time becomes one big competition on who can dress better even if you do not join you will enjoy well-dressed people around you. Wimbledon, NFL London, Cricket, Rugby, Premier League do we have to say more? Home of sports we would say as so many sports events are held in London, perfect for a sport-enthusiast.

5. Opportunities

Student life, best universities, access to the industry all lead to one thing, OPPORTUNITIES. There is so much London can offer, and you are here to come and grab it. London is a place to be for a young person as this city and education in London will give you the opportunity to work and live anywhere in the world. You just have to come to London and try it and we assure you that you will fall in love in this beautiful city.

London Underground // source: Pexels

It is hard to say what London is like in just a few words, as you can talk about this city for days. Our advice would be to come to London and try it and you will meet all of its advantages and beautifulness. The first step towards education in London is the hardest as it requires your decision to come, but how to come is easy as you just have to contact OK Student and we will be there to help you to come and study in London.



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