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#WorldWide100Challenge — Thailand — 14/100

This Thursday, our #WorldWide100Challenge is about Nudee. She’s a Thai student who loves the UK. I recommend all of you to keep reading, she has some curious facts to share with us about her experience in the country.

“Hey there, my name is Nudee (noodee) I come from Thailand, I’m 19 years old and currently in my first year studying BA Media Production.

I’ve only recently moved to the UK in Sept 2019 so everything is still somewhat quite new to me. The reason why I chose to come here was because of the course and the city, Nottingham.

One thing I like about the UK is that people here are polite and very friendly! The people I usually hang out with are Asian students but were born and raised in the UK, so I was naturally introduced to some of the UK experiences, like the Christmas dinner or the culture of drinking.

There have been some interesting incidents that make the UK unique, such as the people repetitively saying ‘sorry’ over a tiny mistake or none. Or the convenience of an oven, where anything can be cooked as long as they’re in the oven.

I love it here, and can’t wait to create more memories here!”



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