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5KM & OKC AMA Recap

On May 20th, the Marketing Manager of 5 KM.today, Rachel, joined a live Ask Me Anything session on the official OKC Telegram channel and answered questions from the OKC team and the community.

The purpose of the event was to introduce 5KM to the OKC Community.

The following is a recap of the AMA.

Can you please introduce yourself a little? And give us more detailed info about 5KM, please?

Rachel: Yes!

Hi! I am Rachel, the Marketing Manager of 5 KM.today and this is my Twitter:https://twitter.com/BlackBamboo518

5KM is based on the evolution of the 10KM sports APP founded in 2014, and the original intention is to link Web3.0 and create a richer and more social Move to Earn product.

The founder of 5KM is a full-stack engineer and a serial entrepreneur. He founded a sports app community in 2014 and often ran at that time, so he developed a running motivation system app to incentive those who complete run goals, the name is 10km.today, and then stopped for a while, which is also the predecessor of 5km.

At the beginning of 2022, he found the product StepN on social media, which is also a running motivation app, but in a web3 based way, which is very impressive for him.

However, he found that StepN is based on the Solana chain, while the EVM series chain has more users yet has no related product, so he wanted to restart the previous 10km.today project, and there was 5km.today founded story.

What makes 5KM different and unique from StepN?

Rachel: StepN is the first to create the “Move to earn” model, and it also has a large number of users.

However, the entry threshold of StepN is relatively high, and a pair of running shoes NFT is at least 1,000 US dollars, so it will restrict a large number of users from participating.

A pair of 5KM MINT running shoes is about 0.05eth, 150u, which is a relatively low entry threshold and can meet the needs of most currency circles or new users.

In terms of products, 5KM is also a dual-token model, which will pay more attention to the content of the event and social sections, making running more interesting and more disseminated. At the same time, the rewards obtained by participating in the event will not be limited to running shoes NFT, and users can get more benefits every day.

The rental market is also the core of 5KM. Users can pledge excess running shoes/in-game tokens to earn rewards, or they can run without sneakers and get random token rewards.

What are the benefits of holding more than one 5KM NFTs for users?

Rachel: The mileage value for holding sneaker shoes is 5. While The mileage value for holding Genesis shoes is 50.

The more mileage value, the higher the earnings.

The amount of revenue obtained is directly related to the mileage value, but not linearly.

Holding the genesis Shoes will have more airdrop benefits, such as $run tokens airdropped

What are the initial token rewards KMT and Run tokens?

Rachel: $Kmt is a game token, and players can monetize KMT earned by running or walking.

$KMT as an in-game incentive token, unlimited amount, users can get rewards through running, participating in activities, pledges, and other ways, you can also consume KMT to repair, and upgrade running shoes NFT, minting and consumption will fluctuate according to the needs of active users, dynamic balance.

While $Run is a governance token that will go live on the exchange, which was originally scheduled to go live at the end of May, but due to the recent bad crypto environment, we may postpone it. $Run can participate in DAO community governance, NFT advanced function upgrades, etc

What made 5KM choose to deploy on OKC Ecosystem?

Rachel: First of all, OKC’s ecology itself is very high-quality that lots of people is also very concerned, and the transaction costs are considerable.

Secondly, OKC ecology currently has no move to earn project, I believe that the addition of 5km will enrich OKC’s ecology!

Could you provide some details about 5KM roadmap and target for this 2022 year? According to your project’s Roadmap, what are your most important next priorities?

Rachel: Product planning can refer to the official website, the overall progress of the current team is earlier than the official website plan,$ kmt is officially launched at the same time on the dex (uniswap) exchange, and gamification token KMT can be traded on the dex

In May, the governance token RUN will be listed on CEX (both head and second-tier exchanges can be covered), IEO will also be opened in the same period, the incubation of ordinary running shoes on the product, and the event area will also be launched.

Every month we publish a clear plan in the community to reassure investors!

And there is an important event recently-IDO on MAY 24https://app.acy.finance/#/launchpad/project/22


Let’s talk a bit about community, which is a very important part of any project. How do you guys want to grow your community?

Rachel: We’ve done a pretty good job Chinese the market. It is also growing sharply in the Japanese and Korean markets. The Southeast Asian market is also expanding.

We are finding influencers ( Twitter, TikTok, YouTube ) and community leaders, to become our long-term partners, and welcome those who meet the conditions to contact me.



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