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Bullieverse & OKC AMA Recap

On Feb14th, the CEO & Co-Founder of Bullieverse, Srini Anala, joined a live Ask Me Anything session on the official OKC Telegram channel and answered questions from the OKC team.

The purpose of the event was to introduce Bullieverse to the OKC Community.

The following is a recap of the AMA.

Please introduce Bullieverse to our members.

Srini Anala: Bullieverse is a Web 3 Movement to create an Open Metaverse that’s owned by players and creators. Today web 3 games lack a distribution channel while centralized rent-seeking marketplaces are banning NFT/web3.0 games.

We want to create an open distribution channel and offer developers and creators to ship games to vibrant NFT communities in Web3.0

With the BearHunt, we created a minimum viable game that is good enough to complete the economic value accrual loop, with more focus on social and economic base layers that are foundational to build out a self-reinforcing virtuous metaverse economy. We are starting small and humble, growing a strong community of Bullieverse, and now we are on an incredible journey to build the biggest gaming ecosystem in Web 3.0. We want Bullieverse to be the Epic Games of NFTs. Looking forward to seeing you all join us on this journey.

There are so many projects out there that want to build gaming ecosystems in Web3. How is Bullieverse different? What makes you guys stand out from the crowd?

Srini Anala: We are building an open metaverse leveraging Web 3.0 ethos of open collaboration, value sharing, community ownership, interoperability, and composability.

We are competing against Web 2.0 centralized metaverses like Roblox where their business model is to maximum extract value from both players and game creators. The fundamentals are broken and the incentives are not aligned. Web 3.0 enables digital property ownership on the internet with NFTs, enables humans to coordinate on an unlimited scale with DAOs, and enables users to capture the value created through incentives like play to earn. Web 3.0 is how The Metaverse will be open, cherishable, and empowering.

Axie is limited by content and They reward only players. This is good but this can go to the next level by rewarding creators and enabling user-generated content to flourish.

Sandbox is limiting creators by tying them to real estate. And The user experience for serious gamers is not appealing. On Bullieverse the focus is on fun and rewards are a means of capturing the value players create on the platform. On Bullieverse, developers will be able to monetize their work fairly compared to Roblex where they only make 25% of value.

Bullieverse is also the Meta LaunchPad for new blockchain/NFT gaming startups, independent developers, and other NFT communities to launch blockchain games leveraging our game creation engine snowcrash and our asset creator Smart Flake. More details here: https://docs.bullieverse.com/white-paper/build-the-metaverse/meta-launchpad

Can you give us more detail about the team that is behind Bullieverse?

Srini Anala: Core Team: Srini Anala, Murali Reddy, Sanjit Daniel, Arun Krishnakumar.

We are serial entrepreneurs in Blockchain, published authors, alums of Sony R&D, Goldman Sachs, and educated from IIT, Oxford University, and the London School of Economics.

The core team behind games from Microsoft like



I have spent over a decade as a tech/engineer, I was first inspired by Blockchain technology in 2016. I was then at Refinitiv working on a smart contract project on Ethereum. Moving forward, I jumped headfirst into the Web 3.0 rabbit hole and have been a developer, entrepreneur, and investor in this space since then.

My previous Blockchain startup was focused on Microfinance in Emerging markets. However, Covid put a huge dent in the market. It was important for us (Myself and My Co-Founder Murali) to reassess our subsequent steps. It was during that time that I started actively participating in the NFT space. I was an early participant of the BAYC community and glimpse the potential of this technology. During the lockdown, apart from playing Fortnite for several hours, I was also helping my niece to build a Roblox game along with growth hacking her Youtube.

As the dots connected, I envisioned that a Community owned Metaverse offering a utility continuum for NFTs would be an amazing future. And that’s when Bulliverse shaped — a few months before Meta as a buzzword came into existence.

Our Head of Game Engineering, Sanjith Daniel is a specialist in Unreal Engine 4 programming for 3D Games, VR/AR/MR and Serious Games. He has 20 years of hard-core programming experience in C++ / OpenGL / DirectX and in-depth understanding of Real-time 3D Graphics from the ground up. This includes engine architecture and GPU / Shader programming (HLSL, GLSL, CUDA). He previously worked in Sony and is based out of London. Also built a custom engine to scale massively multiplayer online games.

Who are your key investors and partners, and how are they helping?

Srini Anala: OKX Blockdream ventures is one of our key investors. I recommend them to all entrepreneurs in this space, they have been really supportive with introductions to gaming guilds, other strategic partners that can help us take Bullieverse to the next levels. Also thankful to get this AMA opportunity to share more about bullieverse. Looking forward to launching our NFT collections in / in-game assets on the OKC NFT marketplace :)

Other key investors: 6thMan Ventures, Fundamental Labs, C² Ventures, GravityX, Rainmaker Games, Good Games Guild, Gen block, Roark Fund, LD Capital, Shima Capital, DWeb3, ExNetwork, Gate Labs and more!

Where are you with your fundraising and token launch? Is it happening anytime soon?

Srini Anala: Our heavily oversubscribed fundraise is closed in just 2 weeks. We made sure we get investors and partners that are on board with our open Metaverse movement. Right now we are in the middle of our IDOs. more details on IDO here: https://medium.com/bullieverse/bullieverse-igo-tokenomics-launch-dates-550117a89f4d.

TGE is expected to be in the last week of Feb. Seedify and Trust pad IDO was well received by the community creating new records for the fastest FCFS sales.

What is your roadmap for the next 12 months, and what do you need to achieve in the next 3 months?

Srini Anala: Growth. More players in the ecosystem are the key target for this year. We have quite a busy Q1 — Now that the funding rounds are done and the first product is live on mainnet for early access to the community, we are now largely focused on growth and community engagement. Q1 will be filled with IDOs, Promo events, PR with top-tier publications, and most importantly community competitions and give-aways. We have an airdrop campaign live now but are also working on a few for our NFT holders who have been very supportive through the last 6 months. We have a token launch later this month and the public launch of the Bear Hunt game in late Feb/early March.

We are also planning to launch our bear NFTs later this month (through our game) and will top it up with more NFT news on land sales and game portal sales through Q2. Through all this, our genesis Bull NFT holders will reap amazing benefits. We are extremely excited for them. Our Genesis collection is here on Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/citizens-of-bulliever-island

In summary, we have a busy 2022. The focus this year is to deliver the following,

⁃ Deliver four games including a Battle Royale type game

⁃ Complete land and game portal auction

⁃ Build a loyal and thriving community of gamers

⁃ Develop the creation engine ‘Snowcrash’ and get it ready for a Q1 2023 launch

⁃ Onboard creators and community-created games through 2023.

Please explain what your NFT roadmap looks like, and how users can earn on your platform.

Srini Anala: Great question. The genesis Bull NFTs will be your launchpad to gain value and economic upside through the Bullieverse platform. Our Chief of Growth — Arun has written a detailed article on what the benefits are for Bull NFT holders here — https://medium.com/@bullieverse/why-you-should-hodl-bull-nfts-d409ee316b1e. However, in summary, Bull NFTs will allow you to do the following,

⁃ Play and Earn (you can’t earn on the platform without the Bull NFT)

⁃ Create and Earn (after we launch the creation engine)

⁃ Have early access to new NFT collections — Our Bear NFTs can only be minted by Bull NFT holders by playing the Bear Hunt game.

⁃ We have a pipeline of new NFT collections and Land sales through 2022, and Bull NFTs will let you access them.

What are the tokens used on Bullieverse, and how do you plan to keep their value high?

Srini Anala: $Bull tokens is what makes Bullieverse not just any Metaverse but a Web 3 Movement. It lets our community of holders own the metaverse, have governance rights on the DOA Treasury, and stake the tokens to capture the value growth of the Metaverse economy. Below are the DAO revenue avenues from the Bullieverse economy

2.5% of transactions from secondary market trading of COBI NFTs on Opensea royalties

5% of fees from the marketplace transactions (in-game assets, cosmetics, NFTs, Land) and in-game purchases

5 % of fees from creator marketplace

Land and Game Portal sale — All proceeds accrue to DAO

Ad Revenue

5% of entry fees for competitions

A detailed view of tokenomics can be understood from here — https://docs.bullieverse.com/white-paper/bullieverse-ecosystem/tokenomics

We are probably the first P2E Metaverse that’s launching token with a product live on mainnet. This Bull is built differently :)

How do you manage and build your community, and how can someone interested in the project participate in the community?

Srini Anala: You can check the quality of our community on our socials. However, if you want to be part of our community more actively there are two things you can do.

1. Buy our Bull NFT as it is the gateway to the metaverse

2. Join our discord and engage in product testing, early access, competitions, polls, and ‘talk to the founders’ events.

We have all our announcements, community competitions, give-aways, early mint access, polls, and AMAs on discord. We have special roles for those owning a Bull NFT with private discord rooms to chat with other Citizens of the Bulliever Island. Come join us and let's gang up there to be part of the biggest Open Metaverse Movement.

Discord — https://discord.com/invite/bullieverse



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