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CryptoBlades and OKC AMA Recap

On November 5rd, CryptoBlades Owner, Philip Devine joined a live Ask Me Anything session on the official OKC Telegram channel and answered questions from the OKC team.

The purpose of the event was to introduce CryptoBlades to the OKC Community.

The following is a recap of the AMA.

Could you tell us more about CryptoBlades? And what led you to start this project?

Philip Devine: Sure, CryptoBlades is an NFT-Crafting Role-Playing Game where players can create dynamic NFTs that evolve over time, have various traits and rarity, and power the Play-To-Earn model. There is also interoperability with our METAVERSE project CryptoBlades Kingdoms currently in development, where you can utilize CryptoBlades NFTs to power up your kingdom, and interact with other NFTs from other games in a 3D metaverse

We started the project because we saw the potential for NFTs as a way for players to maintain control of their data and game characters, in contrast to traditional gaming where everything you do is controlled by a central authority. In this case, it allows you to have full ownership over the use and sale of your game data

There are a lot of projects out there. What is it that CryptoBlades has done to be where it is today?

Philip Devine: We have had over 1.1 million unique users interact with the game, minting over 2 million NFTs and earning over $15 million since our launch in June. We are an established game development team that has helped us to continue developing innovative features in the play-to-earn space as well as metaverse space. We have raised funds from the most prominent names in Crypto such as Animoca Brands, 3 Commas, and Master Ventures and have the best advisors on hand to take over both the Play-To-Earn sector as well as Metaverse

What can you tell us about SKILL and KING? What are their uses in the game, and what did you learn with SKILL that influenced your decisions when approaching the KING IDO?

Philip Devine: SKILL is utilized for minting NFTs in CryptoBlades, purchasing power-ups and cosmetics, utilizing the marketplace, taking part in Raids where users can come together to earn rare and powerful NFTs, and in our upcoming PvP game mode. KING is the primary token of the CryptoBlades Kingdoms metaverse and has a 1% transaction fee that goes towards P2E rewards. KING will be earned by participating in the clash-of-clans style P2E segment of our metaverse as well as being the supporting token of the metaverse ecosystem.

How has CryptoBlades found balance in rewarding users? What are some ways that you are excited about increasing the rewards pool?

Philip Devine: We have used a variety of methods to fund rewards and are the only project that has been able to continue rewarding players after the inflationary period ended. These include:

-Negotiating gas-fee refunds for use in SKILL buy-backs (of which we’ve already purchased over $2 Million)

-Advertising to take advantage of our platforms visibility and global traffic

-Sponsorships from projects wishing to partner with us and offer their services to our users

-Partnerhships, mainly our Knighthood Program which is just now starting, where we will incubate GameFi projects and also offer their tokens as rewards to our users through an innovative multi-farming structure

-100% of income from NFT sales all go back into the rewards pool, not into our pockets like most projects

-Full-scale audits that make sure players and their funds are safe

-Technology services such as bridges that we have already been offering and continue to develop

-Marketplace fees on our NFT marketplace which is the most actively used market on BSC with over 1 million transactions since inception

We are constantly working to push the boundaries of sustainable Play-To-Earn and the above is not necessarily an exhaustive list of what powers our rewards model. We are continuing to expand it!

What are the initiatives leading to the economy being even more sustainable?

Philip Devine: In addition to the above, we are working on new Staking and Rewards specifically for token holders and investors to gain the most value out of holding our ecosystem token and delivering a less volatile price

We are releasing a novel LAND NFT Staking system, driven by our 1% KING token fees, where owners of land NFTs can immediately have utility and earning potential

Integrating popular IP for our metaverse through our partners to gain audiences that have so far been untapped

Building out additional services, such as our Merchandize Marketplace which is completely in-house and where users can purchase with SKILL. This is also an opportunity in the future for building this service for other clients and collecting fees for providing the only crypto-only merchandise service in the world

The key is the creativity of our team, which has so far been willing to take the risks to do what hasn’t been done before and be the first to hit major milestones in crypto gaming

How much would you earn with an account or what is the goal?

Philip Devine: It costs only around $8 to get started, and you can also buy an entire team of players and powerful weapons for under $100 currently. From there players earn various rewards such as rare items from Raids that can be sold on the marketplace or used on your characters, direct SKILL rewards at a few dollars per day, and the benefit of leveling up your characters which makes them more powerful and valuable over time. Fighting daily with your character will mean that when prices are low you are profitable, and when they are high your earnings increase with it. So all NFT holders benefit when the token price increases.

How do you envision PvE, PvP and raid modes looking in the future?

Philip Devine: The idea is that they create a variety of ways to earn with the game, and also that we can drop all kinds of NFTs in a sort of lottery for players via the Raids. PvP has an E-Sports spin on it where players can climb the leaderboards and gain massive rewards for staying on top, and PvE serves to level up your character and earn some consistent SKILL over time.

What can you tell us about the lands sale currently taking place on the CryptoBlades market? What are lands and why should people purchase them?

Philip Devine: Land resides in the CryptoBlades Kingdoms Metaverse as an entry point for players to enter and interact with our metaverse. This includes our new P2E game CryptoBlades Kingdoms, where lands will be used to construct buildings, explore, and conquer other kingdoms. They’ll also be used to host players in a dynamic 3D world where NFTs from any other game can meet up and participate in events together, form communities, and discover other projects.

What are your thoughts on metaverse projects and interoperability?

Philip Devine: There are many projects that claim to offer metaverse features but lack the utility and key components, which are:

-Offering unique experiences for users NFTs that they otherwise can not obtain outside of your metaverse

-Land and other decentralized places to bring the communities together

-Technology stack to support thousands of concurrent players

-Teams capable of producing enough content and events to keep the metaverse active and enticing.

This is why we are partnering with some of the best technical firms in the world to offer a stable metaverse environment completely run by the players in a fully decentralized manner. We are also offering true interoperability where any project that has NFTs can join our metaverse and take part in the action!

What do you envision the future of NFT gaming projects to be like? What are you doing to ensure CryptoBlades and CryptoBlades: Kingdoms stay at the frontline of innovation?

Philip Devine: My vision is to bring Blockchain gaming on par with AAA gaming studios, offering more than just investments or earnings but also comparable playable experiences that stand on their own, with the main difference being players will truly own their data. I believe that the more players begin to rely on the data and playtime they have accumulated, the more important it is to put it in their hands and handle it in a decentralized way.

I also believe that the Blockchain will one day exist and be as widely used as the internet while being transparent to the users interacting with it. There is no technology in the world as scalable, verifiable, and trustless as the blockchain and this makes it the perfect place to host a Metaverse, and blockchain gaming in general.



At high scalability, developers can build and scale with low gas fees. The OKC ecosystem and infrastructure, including the all-in-one multi-chain Web3 interface, enables a seamless experience for both developers and users.

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