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OKC (OKX Chain)

DotOracle on OKC Now Live!

We’re glad to announce that DotOracle, the first decentralized bridge on Casper Network, is now integrated with OKC.

Now users are able to transfer assets back and forth between OKC, Casper, MoonBeam, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Avalanche, enabling seamless interoperability between chains.

In addition, DotOracle and OKC will conduct a marketing campaign to promote DotOracle and access OKC’s large user base.

As part of the integration, all transfers through the DotOracle bridge to OKC will receive a 30% discount on the bridging fees (for the month of July 2022).

Experience DotOracle bridge on OKC Now!

About DotOracle

DotOracle is a real-time decentralized Oracle and Cross-chain bridge supported by 8 chains: Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Polygon, Avalanche, Tomochain, and Casper Network. It is currently the first cross-chain bridge on Casper Network and supports the Avalanche subnet.

Learn more about DotOracle


About OKC

OKC is a secure & programmable smart contracts platform for next-generation decentralized applications, backed by OKX, one of the largest crypto exchanges.

The technology built into the chain was designed for high-performance Dapps with lower cost, making it a great match for many DeFi protocols, NFTs, and other Metaverse applications.

How to find us?

Website | Twitter | Discord| Telegram | Youtube | Reddit| DevCommunity



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