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GamePad.co & OKC AMA Recap

On April 4th, CEO Eric Su and COO Abhishek Rathod of GamePad.co joined a live Ask Me Anything session on the official OKC Telegram channel and answered questions from the OKC team.

The purpose of the event was to introduce GamePad.co to the OKC Community.

The following is a recap of the AMA.

Could you tell us more about yourselves and your background?

Eric Su: I am Eric Su, CEO of gamepad.co my profile is at bit.ly/ericsulinkedin

I have a long background in startups and last founded exnetworkcapital.com — a $200 AUM fund that was an investor in FTX, my neighbor alice, illuvium, star atlas, polkastarter, bscpad and more. We also incubated Mavia.com, undeadblocks.com, racefi.io and planetsandbox.io

The first company was a flash and ios gaming company so it has come full circle for me with cofounding gamepad.co!

Abhishek Rathod: I am Abhishek Rathod, COO of Gamepad.
I used to be a hardcore gamer in my school and college days, Post-college I started my own game design studio and animation institute.

In 2014 i started playing poker professionally and moved to Sweden to pursue poker

Past 2 years I’ve been actively involved in the crypto space and working with Exnetwork on various projects, so when Gamepad happened it was like reigniting the old passion for gaming.

Can you tell us what Gamepad is about?

Eric Su: Gamepad.co is a decentralized accelerator for web3 games and metaverses. Thru our platform we incubate, launch, offer staking, nft sales and help community engagement. we plan to launch the next big thing in web3 games and metaverses using our experience as a fund and incubator for the last 4 years.

Gamepad is unique in that it is focused not just on the IDO part but on improving the fundamentals like tokenomics. We also help until after the IDO with its built-in staking, nft genesispad, and other features like a Social hub to see updates and media in one place. Then we also score and rank wallets that have supported the project for the long term with our own proprietary system called GP-Score.

What makes Gamepad different from its competitors?

Eric Su: Existing launchpads do not quite satisfy participants from public sales, teams and investors due to their focus on one-time sale interaction and short-term gains. This results in most gaming projects losing hype over time.

Our support extends post-launch as well, motivating investors to hold long term and actively get involved with projects which leads to a better relationships between investors and projects

This is where we are different from other launchpads.

We have a lot of really creative plans to make this a special platform including having our own PFP collection that will become the basis of a meta game that will incorporate elements or characters from games launching on Gamepad.co.

Imagine a sort of Super Smash bros of games/metaverses that launched on Gamepad.co.

What are the advantages for projects and investors to using Gamepad?

Eric Su: For projects, they find a platform supported by a council that is laser-focused on games and metaverses and NFTs.

We help them with a complete solution including tokenomics, marketing, development, fundraising and more.

Our support extends post-launch as well, motivating investors to hold long term and actively get involved with projects which leads to a better relationship between investors and projects

They can also see wallet analytics to reward good participants to give them perks and airdrops as the project is being developed.

For investors, they can find a launchpad platform that will curate the best projects and one that also ranks good long-term investor behavior.

Stakers would also get access to the VIP room, giving eligibility for NFT drops, free prizes, community IDO voting, Gamepad merchandise, the share of revenue and many more rewards.

You mention community IDO voting, how does that work, and what are the other types of IDOs that Gamepad offers?

Eric Su: Gamepad essentially offers 2 types of IDOs.

Spotlight IDOs are more premiere projects where strict due diligence is done to ensure the projects meet certain requirements and are approved by the council.

Some basic requirements are a strong and experienced team, reputed and long-term investors, strong tokenomics along with having high-quality gameplay and art.

If there is a game that we see really good potential in, but doesn't meet all the requirements of a Spotlight IDO, we would pass this to the Gamepad community to vote.

Once the community approves, we will then incubate it.

Can we know more about your partners and investors?

Abhishek Rathod: Our lead investors are enjin.io and OKX Blockdream ventures.

We are gonna announce the rest of our investors soon so stay tuned to twitter.com/gamepadco.

The investors are top tier and include a top exchange, the biggest guild around and more from each major territory.

We have onboarded advisors who have worked in EA, King and the likes.

Can you tell us more about the $GPAD token and its use case?

Abhishek Rathod: $GPAD is our deflationary token that will determine the allocation a staker gets on the next accelerated project’s IDO / public sale. $GPAD stakers can also vote on who to IDO next and on proposals.

It will also have uses in acquiring Lottery tickets to buy or mint scarce NFTs from the project. Fees from early yield withdrawal will also be paid in $GPAD.

More uses are planned as we build up the platform over time.

Any earnings we have thru $GPAD will be used to buy back and burn so the bigger we get the scarcer the $GPAD supply will be.

The total supply is 25m.

What deflationary mechanics are in place, and are there any rewards for holding or staking $GPAD?

Abhishek Rathod: Yes of course

Staking $GPAD tokens gives you a share of the revenue we generate on the platform.

Some token burn mechanics we have are as follows.

30% of the incubation fees will be used to buyback GPAD from the market and burnt it.

30% of all earnings from the Gamefi and Metaverse NFT launches will be

used to buyback GPAD at the market rate to be burnt.

100% of early withdrawal fees from staking pools will be fully used

to buy back and burn $GPAD.

This results in GPAD being a deflationary token making it scarce over time and having a healthy growth.

What's on the roadmap in the near future? Anything you can share with us?

Abhishek Rathod: After the LBP sale at the copper launch in April, we will enable our staking platform and introduce our first Spotlight IDO.

Then we will debut our NFT genesispad.

Our Community IDOs will come next.

In May, we will debut our BSC and Solana support.

We plan to launch one Spotlight (triple A project) per month and 2–3 community IDOs per month too (voted by the community).

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