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Infinity Force & OKC AMA Recap

Infinity Force & OKC AMA Recap

On Feb10th, the Co-Founder of Infinity Force, Darren Vinh, joined a live Ask Me Anything session on the official OKC Telegram channel and answered questions from the OKC team.

The purpose of the event was to introduce Infinity Force to the OKC Community.

The following is a recap of the AMA.

What is Infinity Force?

Darren Vinh: Infinity Force is a play-to-earn system that allows anyone to create, grow and manage their very own guild through a single integrated platform.

Our system provides a software solution that performs the following:

1. Player recruitment and onboarding

2. Training and development of players

3. Be able to start your own guild by investing in NFTs and lending them out for others to play and earn for you

4. Performance management of your players and team

5. Process Payments automatically for you and your team

6. Data analytics

We are building the infrastructure to support play-to-earn games and guilds of the future.

How and why did you start Infinity Force?

Darren Vinh: The founding team created our own small guild of 20 scholars, which grew to 100, then 200, and then 300 and now we have onboarded 1200 scholars and continue to grow each day… We did everything from recruiting players to onboarding, training, mentoring, and monitoring performance. We soon realized that this was not a sustainable process and required a much less manual solution. We understood the pain points and frustration of being a guild manager and learned precisely what scholars needed and built a technology that helps make this process easier… for everyone… even for those who don’t know much about play to earn games or blockchain, we want to make this as easy as possible for the community.

This is why we set out on a mission to build a technology platform that would help us manage our own guild and support the entire play-to-earn ecosystem and community…

What can players/communities get out of Infinity Force?

Darren Vinh: We place players on a team for a game they love to play to earn. The application and selection process is simple, and the onboarding into a guild is seamless. Players will no longer have to join 15+ discords and apply for so many scholarships when all guilds who grant scholarships use our platform.

But at the same time, if players ever want to manage a guild themselves, they can do so on our platform. We provide a simple solution and give Guild Managers their very play-to-earn team allowing them to invest in NFTs and be able to lend these out to gamers and share earnings with them.

Lastly, investors who want to support our platform can purchase our token and receive a share of earnings from everything Infinity Force generates as passive income.

What is the value and utility of your DAO token?

Darren Vinh: There’s a lot to it…starting with:

1. Governance token — allowing token holders to vote on the future direction of the DAO. (e.g., what games we support and where to invest our resources)

2. Infinity Force platform management fees are generated from transactions processed and its management of guilds creating value of the DAO

3. NFT Assets held with Infinity Force appreciate in value, hence further creating more value for the DAO

4. Infinity Force also operates a guild with over 1200 scholars, a yield generator for the Infinity Force DAO

5. Owning the token allows access to specialized Infinity Learning & Development Academy to allow gamers to be the best in class to maximize their earning potential

6. Currency exchange between the metaverses/games that we will support

We aim to provide more and more value as Infinity Force grows and develops.

What are your future plans for the DAO token?

Darren Vinh: 2022 is going to be our year of development and in addition to building and partnering with all of the game studios that we have strategic partnerships with, there are 3 areas that we are planning for this year specifically for the DAO in the short to medium term for everyone to see immediate value:

1. Participate in airdrop campaign/ sales campaign

2. Partnership Incentives (eg: Gain access to pre-sale NFT’s from our strategic game partners)

3. Reward tokens in scholarship programs

How do you think the evolution of Metaverses can impact communities?

Darren Vinh: From what we have seen first-hand with our own guild (1200+ scholars globally), there is another way for communities to earn income, and that’s through playing games. Especially during this COVID pandemic where many people have lost their jobs, the play-to-earn gaming model has been an accessible way to provide for families, save up enough to attend school, and ultimately transform lives. This ecosystem will continue to grow and mature, and we are proud to be the solution that makes it easy for all to participate.

We are connecting gamers to investors and managers and connecting managers and investors to games and gamers that are needed. We believe we are building such a great system for the ecosystem.

What’s next for your project?

Darren Vinh: We are currently in Beta, testing our product with our own guild and other guilds and games. Once we finalize all the features and fix any bugs, we will launch our product globally and onboard as many people and high-quality P2E games as possible. So make sure to stay tuned for the next few months as we announce all of our partnerships!

2022 is going to be our year of development and build with quite a number of our partners and games. But our plans for the DAO really consist of three main things:

1. Introduce governance voting

2. Provide partnership incentives (eg: gain special access to our partner games, pre-sale of NFTs, etc)

3. Staking to receive reward tokens

How would someone get involved with Infinity Force if they wanted to?

Darren Vinh: There are three ways:

  1. You can go to our website and register to be a guild manager
  2. Or you can register to be a scholar
  3. You can participate in the public sale of our token when we list

Where can we find more information about your project?

Darren Vinh: You can check out our website and social channels for future announcements about the project!

  1. Website: InfinityForce.com
  2. Telegram: https://t.me/InfinityForceOfficial
  3. Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/infinityforce_
  4. Discord: discord.gg/infinity-force

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