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MetaXeno & OKC AMA Recap

On April 15th, the CMO of MetaXeno, Sifer, joined a live Ask Me Anything session on the official OKC Telegram channel and answered questions from the OKC team.

The purpose of the event was to introduce MetaXeno to the OKC Community.

The following is a recap of the AMA.

Please kindly introduce yourself

Sifer: Hello everyone, it’s Sifer. I have been working in blockchain since 2018 and I am actively involved in several blockchain projects, like business development and marketing strategies. I’m now the CMO of METAXENO.

Previously I have worked in the traditional gaming industry as well, with experience in both the crypto and gaming industries, I am glad to devote myself to educating the public about this technology and promoting the mission of MetaXeno at the same time.

What is MetaXeno all about?

Sifer: MetaXeno is an NFT-GameFi that aims to build a mutually beneficial ecosystem for its supporters, and being compatible with cross-chain wallets is one of its iconic features.

The game itself is co-launched with the DeFi protocol- Mixtrust (MXT). Due to the various financial protocols, it provides healthy liquidity for the tokenomics of Metaxeno metaverse.

The cooperation mainly focuses on the diversified decentralized financial protocols of Mixtrust (including cross-chain trades, crypto yield farming, synthetic assets, etc.), therefore enabling the enhancement of the strength and flexibility of its financial ecosystem.

On the planet MetaXeno, they could experience the charm and fun of the multiverse in an immersive way.

By bringing in the “Play-to-earn” (P2E) business model, gamers can participate in PVE missions and PVP battle royale modes to earn MXT Token and XENO Token respectively.

XENO is the governance token that allows gamers to take part in future game development on decision-making.

The Hero in MetaXeno symbolizes the identity in the game, hence every gamer would have at least one hero once they enter the planet (receive one untradeable hero at registration ). With different skills, attributes, and rarity levels, they could battle in free combinations for the victory, and they could also combine the same level of heroes to level up their strength.

In every battle, gamers could earn random weapon fragments which could mint a mystery box with a secret weapon.

Apart from the battles, we have game scenes like treasure hunting and land construction which allows a certain standard of customization for our gamers to develop their own tribe in the game.

What is the mission and vision of MetaXeno? And what inspires MetaXeno?

Sifer: MetaXeno is committed to creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem. Players, unions, and non-player participants can all benefit from it.

In addition to the introduction of Free to earn, PVE, and PVP, the MetaXeno ecosystem also includes stake-to-earn, NFT market, virtual land assets, and XENODAO, we will build more ecological scenarios in the future to stabilize the healthy and long-term development of MetaXeno.

MetaXeno is inspired by environmental conservation for the Earth.

Three billion years later, the Earth had been overconsumed, it exhausted the planet’s natural resources and caused the extinction of many species. It is a huge challenge for a human being to survive. Therefore, the Highest Command Centre established the Metaverse Institute of Science and Technology, which aims to seek a new planet appropriate for human migration.

It did not take long, scientists had a major new discovery. 492 light-years from the Earth where there is a planet with its size 2.4 times of the Earth, and its atmosphere is similar to the Earth as well. Some biological activities were found on that planet which is great news for everyone. They named it MetaXeno….

The vast universe is where unknown worlds beyond our imagination coexist. Behind the galaxies, nebulae and clusters, unpredictable challenges and opportunities are waiting for all the explorative heroes…on this planet — MetaXeno.

What is the competitive advantage of MetaXeno and what problems does it strive to solve?

Sifer: Wish all the gamers could enjoy the game

1) Free-to-earn

In the current market, all the GameFi projects are facing similar problems like high entry, long payback period, fluctuating pricing of in-game tokens, low playability, etc.

There are different features that make us different from other projects, for example, “Free to earn“ feature where players do not need to invest any money to play in the game, the only thing they need to commit is time and effort.

In the MetaXeno, any new player would be given a 1-star hero at registration and can be used to earn native in-game tokens. They could also attain another 2-star hero by completing missions.

We believe that the players must invest a certain amount of money in playing the game, which is unreasonable and prevents many traditional players from playing NFT games. In an e-sport game, the more players, the better the battle. Pay to Play will limit the expansion of MetaXeno in the future. ‌ This is the most important reason why we set up Free to earn.

2)One of the in-game tokens has launched on the OKX platform

Moreover, MetaXeno introduced various financial protocols to flourish ecological growth. To expand and sustain both MXT and MetaXeno’s ecosystem, 20% of MXT's total supply has been utilized in MetaXeno.

MXT, as one of the in-game token, which can be traded on the OKX (former OKEX) exchange platform. It acts as a circulation token in the game which can be used to purchase NFT mystery boxes, home construction, etc. MXT was issued from the daily PVE mission, and it is also the revenue of the planet. However, the highest level heroes have to spend XENO for the upgrade.


Also, we have XENO DAO. XENO works as governance and functional utility token, constructing the XENO node (consensus node) system. XENO nodes will serve as the cornerstone of organizational governance and application promotion, which aims to realize self-sustaining.

An open and transparent governance process will be enacted, Xeno DAO will collect gamers' opinions and demands based on smart contracts in order to maximize gamers' benefits, and the rights and interests will be passed to the community.

Please tell more about NFT heroes and how to play the game and use NFT heroes?

Sifer: To ensure the gamers’ experience, MetaXeno is designed to enhance playability by creating various heroes’ attributes and NFT weapons.

MetaXeno has 38 heroes characters in total, ranking from 1 star to 6 stars, they are wizards, warriors, rangers and mutants. Each hero has a different ultimate skills (damage over time, stun, defense, etc.) and unique weapons, such as a wand, bow, sword, axe, element, shield, magic book and dagger.

Levels: Heroes have 1star to 6 stars, the higher the ranking, the more valuable the rewards are.

Battle: Participate in daily PVE missions and weekly PVP ranking battles. Upgrading: Own 2 same starred heroes, and consume a certain amount of MXT, therefore integrate two heroes to upgrade.

Stamina: Every hero has 5 stamina at the beginning, every battle consumes 1 stamina, and every 2 hours refills 5 stamina.

In the coming version of MetaXeno 2.0, it allows gamers to team up/ invite friends for competing against other players, participate in yield farming and staking, purchase NFT land and construction materials for home building, gamers are co-developing the MetaXeno ecosystem by setting up their own tribes for organizing the tribe competition and continue to be benefited from it at the same time.

Please let me share some of our NFT with all of you guys.

Could you please elaborate more about your tokenomics? What’s the total supply and what kind of plans do you have regarding the token unlocks in the future?

Sifer: XENO is our governance token, and it will undergo IDO very soon.

$XENO will be firstly compatible with OKC, and therefore bridging with ERC-20 and BSC.

Here is the pie chart of the tokenomics.

$XENO is rewarded from MetaXeno Arena (PVP mission), weekly achievements are summed up and cleared, and the first 1000 gamers earn proportionate XENO rewards.

XENO is also the governance and functional utility token with application scenarios, such as voting, NFT marketplace trading, stake-to-earn, participating in special events, land purchases, etc.

To ensure the sustainability & scalability of the ecosystem, MXT can only be rewarded from only daily PVE missions, and used for upgrading lower levels of heroes and weapons. XENO can be used for getting the highest level of heroes and weapons, and their relative upgrades.

What are your current marketing strategies that are being implemented?

Sifer: In the past few months, Metaxeno has successfully completed the milestones according to the Roadmap.

At present, Metaxeno is preparing for IDO. Users can obtain IDO whitelist places in the following ways.

For sure, different acquisition methods will affect the subscription allocation.

According to the principle of Metaxeno’s community first, the IDO subscription allocation benefits will be arranged as follows: Community members > IDO campaign winners > IDO platform members

At the moment, we have two methods to earn XENO Whitelist places.

1) Participants have to reach level 15 in the METAXENO Discord community and invite more than 10 people to the channel.

2) We are holding the 1st IDO whitelist campaign with OKC, everyone could vt6Q part in it by completing a list of tasks, and qualified participants will be randomly selected. All the OKC community members are more than welcome to join us. https://twitter.com/Meta_Xeno/status/1514253916820553729?s=20&t=rHPx9Vi2JBUAA0Jr6w-Gkw

In addition, we have launched our METAXENO Moderator Recruitment Program.


As a close partner with us, the moderators will participate in the promotion and development of METAXENO which we will be co-working in ecological construction. They will earn the opportunity of getting XENO IDO Whitelist, NFT package, community voting right, or some other form of rewards in return. We wish to have like-minded and reliable partners to work with us.



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