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New Projects on OKC in May 2022

In May, we welcomed new projects to the OKC network along with the 200+ projects that have been launched on OKC.

Check the new projects on OKC in May 2022 below.



The Encentive Web3 OS enables code-free overnight deployment of peer-to-peer DeFi marketplaces starting from a community of one, plus fiat/crypto on/off ramps. Any individual or organization can establish the next great DeFi marketplace almost instantly, complete with farming and staking, fine-tuned to benefit and serve the governance needs and trading preferences of their own unique communities and missions. The Encentive Web3 OS DeFi Dex Builder gives users the power to build their own core teams and communities around their own style of incentives, setting and adjusting transaction fees, stake-pool interest, referral rewards, governance protocols, and more.




TruePNL develops high-end, yet not overloaded financial products aimed to deliver transparency and convenience in terms of investing & trading crypto. TruePNL Launchpad, as the main product of TruePNL, is designed as a fair and secure investment application, providing a bridge between the outstanding projects, looking for a flexible and robust launching platform, and investors, seeking opportunities to become a part of the up-and-coming projects by participating in the clear and reliable token sale process.

TruePNL focuses on launching play-to-earn gaming projects, NFT-driven platforms, DeFi protocols, and ecosystems.




5Degrees is a Web3 social network protocol deployed on multi-chain. It aims to enable content creators to connect with their communities and friends through the compatible ERC-1155 protocol Token, forming a simple, easy-to-use, permissionless, composable, user-owned decentralized social network.



Boom is a key player in the emerging Social+NFT revolution that will form an important pillar of the incoming metaverse. As a decentralized Social+NFTplatform, Boom allows users to interact with and meaningfully support key opinion leaders around the world whilst earning rewards.

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Move to Earn


5KM is based on the evolution of the 10KM sports APP founded in 2014, and the original intention is to link Web3.0 and create a richer and more social Move to Earn product.

The founder of 5KM is a full-stack engineer and a serial entrepreneur. He founded a sports app community in 2014 and often ran at that time, so he developed a running motivation system app to incentive those who complete run goals, the name is 10km.today, and then stopped for a while, which is also the predecessor of 5km.


About OKC

OKC is a fast, high-performance, open-source smart contract platform backed by OKX to land large-scale digital assets and Dapps.

How to find us?

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