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OKC (OKX Chain)

OKC Monthly Report — October 2021

A progress report for OKC development in the month of October 2021

OKC is a public blockchain initiative developed by OKX that comprises a set of open-source chains that may be used as a platform for decentralized applications, including decentralized exchanges. For more detailed information, check out our guide to OKC.


  • OKC’s mainnet has been upgraded to v0.19.6.1
  • OKC’s testnet has been upgraded to v0.19.11.1

OKC Ecosystem update

  1. DappRadar started tracking Dapps on OKC on Oct.14th, visitors can discover a wide variety of OKC Dapps on the OKC Rankings. Here visitors can discover more details about unique active wallets, transactions, and transaction volumes. More than 20 Dap on OKC have been tracked on DappRadar.

2. OKC teamed up with Flux, Jswap, Kswap and Crypto Gladiator to host a Trick or Treat Halloween Giveaway. Over 20,000 registered users participated in the event, and rewards have been distributed.

3. OKC launched the first official Talk Session on Twitter Spaces. The first session was Q&A and discussion around GameFi with guests from CELT, CryptoBlades and Blade Warrior.

4. OKC released the first episode of the official podcast — — 0xTalks. In this episode, OKC invited the Sil.finance project as a guest and conducted in-depth discussions on the project and industry.

Technical progress

Development version update

OKC was updated to v0.19.6.1: https://github.com/okex/exchain/releases

Functional development

  • The development block interval exceeds 5s, and the current pprof function is automatically downloaded.
  • Incremental synchronization of node state data has been completed.
  • Test network validator node, rpc node, and browser backup node are upgraded to v0.19.12.1 version. Leveldb has been replaced with rocksdb.
  • Async commit performance has been optimized(90%)
  • Control the implementation of the gasused algorithm for block prediction within 3000w (50%)

Performance optimization

  • The concurrent execution of EVM Tx development and the functional mainnet LRP has been completed.
  • Evm execution has been optimized and added keccak256 cache; Evm execution efficiency has been improved.
  • Make script has been optimized and added go compilation optimization, code execution efficiency has been improved.
  • iavl cache has been set to 1000W, which improves cache hit rate and transaction execution speed.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the bug that evm verifies the signature multiple times
  • Fixed local replay error report

Risk warning

OKC is an open-source, open decentralized public chain, and anyone can freely deploy projects. From the principle of blockchain technology, OKX cannot control the quality of any project on OKC, nor will it endorse and be responsible for any project.

There are certain risks in using any project on a decentralized public chain. Users need to identify the quality of the project themselves and be responsible for their own choices so as not to cause financial losses.

Before participating in any project on OKC, you need to know:

1. Before using any project on OKC, please confirm that you have understood all the designs behind it and are willing to take its risks;

2. All users and developers can participate in OKC’s mainnet and testnet for free, and OKC will not charge any fees;

3. Please make sure to distinguish between the OKC test environment and the main network environment. All assets in the test environment have no value. Beware of counterfeit currency fraud;

4. In the process of using any OKC chain project, you must manage your private key, do not disclose your private key to anyone, and be careful to authorize third-party projects.



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