OKC (OKX Chain)
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OKC (OKX Chain)

【OKC Weekly Report】01.22~01.28, 2022

OKC is a public blockchain initiative developed by OKX that comprises a set of open-source chains that may be used as a platform for decentralized applications, including decentralized exchanges. For more detailed information, check out our guide to OKC.


1. 146 projects in total have launched on OKC
(1) TVL $171 million
(2) 1.76 million holder’s addresses
(3) 80 million transactions

2. Dapp Ranking:

New Projects


XDAO is the fastest framework to create and manage decentralized autonomous organizations

Projects To Be Launched

Symbiosis Finance (mainnet)

Symbiosis is a multi-chain liquidity enabler that aggregates decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity. The protocol provides liquidity to major blockchains while working as a unified layer for cross-chain communication at the same time.


The main idea of the ENVELOP (NIFTSY) project is to create a system of interactions of decentralised systems (DAO, DeFi, DEX) through the tokenisation of non-fungible tokens (NFT) in first and higher level networks. Using decentralised models, ENVELOP (NIFTSY) creates objective metrics and an asset valuation system.

Pocket Network

Pocket Network is a decentralized blockchain API built for Web3 apps, relaying data to and from any blockchain through a network of thousands of nodes. If you are familiar with Infura or Alchemy, you can think of Pocket Network as a decentralized multi-chain alternative.


HEZI is focusing on building a safe, efficient, interactive social platform related with NFT. It provides functions of creating, issuing, trading and displaying NFT, and also interacting with others.

Projects Update

  1. Celestial Announced New UI Update

2. IslandSwap 24 Brandnew hero coming soon!

3. CyberCat RUNE system is coming soon

4. CryptoBlades PvP OPEN BETA IS LIVE

5. Ask Me Anything (AMA) Sessions:

On Jan 26th, the CBO of The Parallel, Daniel Pidan, joined a live Ask Me Anything session on the official OKC Telegram channel to introduce The Parallel to the OKC Community. Check The Parallel AMA recap here.

6. On Jan 25th the CBO of The Parallel, Daniel Pidan, joined OKC Discord for the Livestream event.



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