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OKC Ecosystem Report — May 2022

OKC ecosystem report is a monthly report that the OKC team will be releasing with the support of its community members and partners to provide insights on the ecosystem’s growth, challenges, and overall observations.

OKC Ecosystem Growth

In May, we welcomed six projects along with the 200+ projects that have been deployed on OKC. The OKC team will continue to introduce more games, efficient user-friendly tools, cross-chain bridges, and protocol interoperability to the overall ecosystem making it accessible, secure, fast, and low-cost for the users.

Events and Updates

On May 13th, OKC operations member James held another live stream and talked with Witnet co-founder Adan and Dose CEO Keith to discuss their perspective in Web3. Don’t forget to check it out in the link below.


In May, we released two new episodes of OKC Podcast 0xTalks.

  1. On May 16th, we talked to Michael O’Rourke about Pocket Network’s efforts to meet web3’s need for a more decentralized infrastructure. We discuss Pocket’s achievements, The Pocket DAO, The Pocket Foundation, Triforse, and more.

2. On May 30th, we talked to Adi Wahyu about 5km.today’s efforts in breaking through the move-to-earn trend in the crypto space.

3. OKC’s Create to Earn — Community Contents Creators Giveaway has ended. We thank our community for exposure to OKC in different types of content, such as pictures, memes, videos, and articles, and all rewards have been distributed to the winners.

Technical progress

Development version update

OKC was updated to v1.2.2: https://github.com/okex/exchain/releases

Functional development

  • WASM RPC is fully compatible with CosmwasmJS
  • Completed IBC user experience optimization development
  • Completed fast query threshold development
  • Completed OKC native erc20 convert to 10 tokens by IBC development
  • Completed the new feature support of EIP144 on RPC
  • IBC client upgrade proposal development (80%)
  • Completed IBC feature support on the explorer of OKC
  • Finished integrating test between comswasmJS and keplr wallet

Performance optimization

  • Completed RPC optimization solution of IBC
  • SetAccount & SaveABICResponses gc optimization (80%)
  • eth_estimateGas return results optimization (90%)
  • Consensus optimization
  • Compressed block increases performance by more than 5%
  • Added HasBlockpartACK message to reduce duplicated blockpart broadcast by half
  • Optimized the lock mechanism to fasten the p2p vote transport
  • Finished IBC fee calculation optimization, added ante check for IBC tx
  • Added link tcmlloc and jemalloc options to OKC, which increases performance by 1.2%
  • Reduced the block execution time and GC pressure by reusing cache multiStore in serial mode and checkTx (90%)

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed memory leak while paralleled-tx
  • Fixed auto-repair bugs
  • Fixed 2 bugs about mempool and txTrace on RPC
  • Fixed the compile issues about wasm and rocksdb

Risk warning

OKC is an open-source, open decentralized public chain, and anyone can freely deploy projects. From the principle of blockchain technology, OKX cannot control the quality of any project on OKC, nor will it endorse and be responsible for any project.

There are certain risks in using any project on a decentralized public chain. Users need to identify the project quality themselves and be responsible for their own choices so as not to cause financial losses.

Before participating in any project on OKC, you should know:

  1. Before using any project on OKC, please confirm that you have understood all the designs behind it and are willing to take its risks.
  2. All users and developers can participate in OKC’s mainnet and testnet for free, and OKC will not charge any fees.
  3. Please make sure to distinguish between the OKC test environment and the main network environment. All assets in the test environment have no value. Beware of counterfeit currency fraud.
  4. In the process of using any OKC chain project, you must manage your private key, do not disclose your private key to anyone, and be careful to authorize third-party projects.


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