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OKC Network Community Contents Creators Giveaway

Giveaway Duration: April 25 — May 31

Create and share your own content in the #📜┃contents channel on OKC Discord, gain the corresponding XP and surprise bonus.

Details: The content you create about OKC Network (videos, pictures, tutorials, translated articles, educational content, etc.) should be shared on Social Media like Twitter, YouTube, Telegram Groups, etc.

* Retweet & Like is not included, but you can translate existing OKC Network content to your local language, and share it with other communities.

Rules: When you create content about OKC Network and share it on Social Media, you need to follow a few rules:

1. Make the content public, and visible to everyone

2. Tag OKC Network social media channels (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Blog, YouTube, etc)

3. Send us proof by posting the screenshot and a link to your content (so we can go and check) in #📜┃contents channel on OKC Discord

4. Each person can create 3 different contents every day only (one for each category). Better content earns you better XP

Rewards: The XP you will get depends on the quality of the content you create, ranging from 1 to 200 XP:

Content Categories:

a) Pictures and memes: 5XP-10XP

b) Translating existing articles and tutorials: 10XP-50XP

c) Creating unique (not similar to what is already available) content: 50XP-100XP

d) Videos: 100XP-200XP


Users’ weekly XP will be calculated on Friday and $10 equivalent of OKT will be given to the top 10 excellent creators each week.

*The more likes and retweets you get; the more XP you earn.

* The excellent content bonus may raise up to $100 per content based on the content uniqueness and quality you create.


1. Weekly rewards will be distributed within the following week.

2. The winners need to give their OKT Address to get the reward.

3. The excellent content winner list will be published every Friday.

4. OKC Network reserves all rights for final explanation.

Thank you for your great work. Let’s grow OKC Network together!



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