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OKC Testnet Now Supports IBC Protocol

We’re excited to announce that Cosmos’ IBC, an interoperability protocol that can facilitate users’ transfer of assets between different chains, has been implemented on OKC Testnet. More than 40 public chains such as Osmosis, Terra, and Juno support the IBC protocol. And now users can cross-chain their assets between OKC testnet and Gaia testnet(the Cosmos Hub is powered by the implementation that is called Gaia).

Another good news is that HoneyWood will join the OKC ecosystem in the near future, but first, the team will integrate the game with the OKC testnet and will be the first project to use the IBC transfer feature on the OKC testnet.

About HoneyWood

HoneyWood is the project that is being created using Cosmos and Tendermint technologies, which the Interchain Foundation backs. It is a play-and-earn game open to people of all ages and backgrounds. Players can build their farms, breed bees, and battle against others in a 7×7 match3 arena. Also, players can actively earn cryptocurrency while playing and having fun.

How to Make IBC Transfers with Keplr Wallet

Before starting make sure your Keplr Wallet Extension is correctly installed and updated.

Use Keplr wallet to connect to OKC testnet

  1. Go to Keplr’s extenson download for Chrome and click [Add to Chrome].

2. Once you’ve installed Keplr wallet, create or import an excisting account (please make sure to back up your secret seed/mnemonic phrase)

How to Add OKC/GAIA Testnet

  1. Add OKC/Gaia Testnet:

Click to add Gaia testnet
Click to add OKC testnet

2. After adding successfully

3. Go to IBC transfer configurations

4. Get a testnet faucet

a. OKT testnet faucet
Click the discord link: https://discord.com/channels/823442534281510972/823443550565564428

Send your Keplr wallet address, and do not forget to change your network to OKC testnet before copying your address.

b. Atom testnet faucet

Click the discord link: https://discord.com/channels/669268347736686612/953697793476821092/976791582693019648

Send your Keplr wallet address with the same format in the screenshot below, and do not forget to change your network to Gaia testnet before copying your address.

From OKC testnet<> To Gaia testnet

  1. Within your Keplr wallet extension, select [OKC testnet] in the top drop-down menu.
  2. With the OKC testnet selected, scroll down to IBC Transfer and click on [Transfer].

3. In the Destination Chain field, click on [Select Chain] and then [New IBC Transfer Channel].

4. You need to add Gaia testnet as a destination to your Keplr Extension. Select chain [Gaia testnet] and in the Channel ID field, type channel-2.

5. To finalize the operation, click on [Save]

6. Back in the IBC transaction area, click on [Select Chain] and choose Gaia testnet.

7. In the [Recipient] field, enter the gaia testnet address, enter a note in [Memo] (if needed), and click on [Next] to proceed.

8. Now enter the amount of OKTs you’d like to send to Gaia testnet on the [Amount] field, select the preferred transaction fee then click [Submit]. We suggest using [Average] or [High] fees at this time.

9. On the transaction confirmation page, you can review the details of your transaction. Click on [Approve] to confirm.

From Gaia testnet<> To OKC testnet

Once you’ve made your first IBC transfer, Keplr will recognize the connected channels and detect which are needed to send tokens back.

  1. On your Keplr Extension, select [Gaia testnet] in the Network Selection drop-down.
  2. In the IBC Transfer section, click on [Transfer].
  3. You should notice that by clicking on the [Destination Chain — Select Chain] field, [OKC testnet] appears automatically.
  4. Enter your OKC testnet address in the [Recipient] field, a Memo (Optional), and click on [Next] to proceed.
  5. Now, enter the amount of $ATOM you‘d like to send back to OKC testnet in the [Amount] field, select the preferred transaction Fee and click on [Submit].
  6. On the transaction confirmation screen, you can view your transaction details. Select [Approve] to confirm the transaction.



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