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The Parallel and OKC AMA Recap

On January 26th, the CBO of The Parallel, Daniel Pidan, joined a live Ask Me Anything session on the official OKC Telegram channel and answered questions from the OKC team.

The purpose of the event was to introduce The Parallel to the OKC Community.

The following is a recap of the AMA.

Hello Daniel Pidan, please briefly introduce yourself.

Daniel Pidan: My name is Daniel Pidan, I’m the CBO of The Parallel, I work very closely with the team here in Hanoi Vietnam in regards to the development of the project and communicating our vision, and developments to the global communities.

Is The Parallel a game or a metaverse project?

Daniel Pidan: The Parallel is both and much more — We often say that we are an infinite Metaverse. To elaborate — We are a creation tool in a GameFi setting that will result in an infinitely growing metaverse leading to dynamic economic opportunities and countless growth pathways.

What is your project’s most unique feature or features?

Daniel Pidan: We have several, but most notably is a major emphasis on giving creative and talented people enormous opportunities. Creators will have several opportunities to add experiences to The Parallel through our creation tools and unique NFT blueprint copyright system. Individuals will be able to not only own, rent and sell NFTs, but also copyright NFT designs (Para-art) using our custom-built copyrighting feature — The Hydra system.

This gives a sense of entrepreneurial freedom without limitations especially because we're gonna help and encourage such pursuits — particularly business collaboration and economic networking we want as many diverse earning pathways and token/nft utilities as possible — to do this — a lot of hard-working talent is required.

What are your phases of Development, and what phases are you in now?

Daniel Pidan: Well, we have our roadmap but if I had to summarize the phases id say it's…

1) Creation engine + the NFT creation and value/utility building phase

2) Release of the first gaming Mechanics, play 2 earn mechanics, etc (2 months away)

3) World Building — Land sale but more importantly land development Q2–3

4) Mass development and integration — reaching and collaborating with Game developers, entertainment companies and E-sports platforms to develop dynamic and new gaming portals within The Parallel.
In phase 4 we’ll ideally be a metaverse and start functioning as a play 2 earn launchpad bringing in countless new earning pathways into the parallel through collaboration with talented studios/partners.

So what is the Parallel team’s priority throughout all stages of development?

Daniel Pidan: To constantly ensure that every feature we release is popular with our communities and to ensure that our earning pathways are always growing in proportion to our population. To ensure that our token provides our holders with unique benefits that add to the growth of The Parallel metaverse.

Do some people see similarities between the Parallel and Sandbox? Could you elaborate how The Parallel is different from The Sandbox?

Daniel Pidan: The Parallel isn’t a real estate company, it's a GAMEFI platform focused on launching dynamic monetized gaming experiences through huge creation-based support for individuals and professionals through incentive systems, flexibility and support.

The sandbox is currently facing enormous challenges to create excellent gaming experiences, they had an absolutely enormous growth boost because of facebook’s announcement about Meta.

The Parallel is not using the land sale as a primary angle. We are a GameFI infinite metaverse launchpad focused on economic networking and the cultivation of the world's talent.

Does The Parallel offer support for other developers, innovators, or entertainment studios?

Daniel Pidan: This is what makes us unique. In The Parallel developers, innovators and entertainment studios with a GREAT game or mini-metaverse development capabilities won’t be restricted or required to buy land.

Furthermore, they won’t be required to use our tools and they will even be able to launch their own token.

The parallel wants talent and collaboration with great creators. So pending review of their plan, we will provide them with a portal — with unlimited space they will create their world — we will link that world to The Parallel open world. We will infuse their token with liquidity and provide them with tokenomic support and if they use other tools to develop their experiences, we will create the SDKs for integration.

Flexible — welcoming — supportive and economically lucrative. Keys to growth in the real world and in the Metaverse.

What about game guilds are they important to The Parallel?

Daniel Pidan: Yes absolutely — The Parallel functions similarly to real-world economics. We have designers — they create NFT blueprints and design all the assets of the Parallel. They copyright these blueprints.
But everything in the parallel needs to not only be designed — but also created and brought into the world.

To do that, players/creators need resources — RUNES our valuable building block NFTs.
Game guilds have enormous economic collaboration opportunities through sponsoring designers for world-building and networking with our entertainment/gaming portals.

Game guilds can function as major networking hubs (having cities of their own) as well as world-building (construction supply) organizations that can feed the creators with the resources they need to craft our world.
We at The Parallel will incentivize this practice.

In your previous answers, you mentioned land. So How does land work in The Parallel? Can a land be bought and sold?

Daniel Pidan: Yes, but we will try to make major improvements to the way land is handled

1) Land zoning: Gaming, or social experiences not near investment lands or advertising lands.

2) Land use: Needs to be developed and monetized as a requirement.

3) Don’t sell too much land — sell it in phases, so that we can help develop it, monetize it and create business opportunities.

4) We have LAND and SPACE

Space is free and unlimited outside the parallel (portals) this is for game developers and entertainment studios.

Land is part of the open world and purchasing it will likely require some kind of MERIT — a contributor to the parallel metaverse.

We don’t want bad business practices such as land hoarding for appreciation — this is toxic and only good for 1 person

What are your future goals in the next 5 years? And what security measures have been provided to guarantee users from hackers?

Daniel Pidan: 5 years is really too long to say. I think our goals in the next 1 year are to start bringing in E-sports companies, and other game/entertainment developers to create diverse and dynamic play 2 earn gaming/social and entertainment experiences as well as see the development of the open world — City hubs, Social hubs, etc.

So that The Parallel can lead the way with Enjoy 2 earn — a massive dynamic metaverse where players can choose their method and pathway to earn with the most utility and earning pathways of any GameFi project in the market.

Regarding security and hackers — I’m not a tech guy so I’m not quite sure haha. But I do know it's a major priority for CEO who is extremely cautious about exploitation.

Please share the social media channels of the Parallel so our members can follow and stay up to date

Telegram: https://t.me/theparallelofficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theparallel.io/
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ex6SckmWqp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/theparallel_io
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKvlkWCeNDEgxa41k1wBZYA

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