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PlayZap & OKC AMA Recap

On April 14th, the CEO and Co-founder of PlayZap, Abhishek Buchvani, joined a live Ask Me Anything session on the official OKC Telegram channel and answered questions from the OKC team.

The purpose of the event was to introduce PlayZap to the OKC Community.

The following is a recap of the AMA.

How did the PlayZap ecosystem come to be, and how does it differentiate itself from other NFT P2E ecosystems that we see out there?

Abhishek Buchvani: PlayZap has been in the works for a while now, and It came to be to fill a big marketplace that I and the PlayZap core team identified in gamified DeFi. PlayZap utilizes a strong set of secondary tools, as well as a supportive infrastructure composed by our wallet, marketplace, and publisher program, to better connect with both creators and community, something that other projects in the space are sorely lacking at the moment, while also focusing on the quality of its core features to ensure a seamless experience for our userbase.

What is the long-term vision of PlayZap and what do you think you will need to achieve it?

Abhishek Buchvani: We are looking to change the scope of blockchain gaming, first by setting new industry standards for the field, while still remaining in the DeFi space, and then breaking into the mainstream market, showcasing the full potential of play to earn to the masses. We will need to reach a wider, capillary adoption before seeing this vision realized, but we are aware that the steps to take are many and we will prepare accordingly.

Can you talk a little about yourself and the team you have built to create the PlayZap project?

Abhishek Buchvani: Of course! Me and team core members, including our CTO and chief creative designer, have been in the gaming field for multiple years, leading projects that accrued millions of players throughout the world. We have also a lot of experience in infrastructure building thanks to our CTO and our specialized teams, and with more than 20 people working full time on core development, we are looking towards a really great start for this Q2!

We have seen a lot of focus on the connection between players and developers. How do you think this connection will aid PlayZap to develop itself as a core member of the gamified DeFi space?

Abhishek Buchvani: The lack of care that the big publishers have for their community and their creators has been starting to show, and we don’t want gamified DeFi to make the same mistake. By giving more agency to the developers, and by connecting them directly with the community, we have a lot more time to focus on feature development and steer the games in the direction the community wants. This is a big plus that no one in the space has, and the longer it goes the more this connection will work in our favor, bringing more and more devs to the PlayZap ecosystem.

We see a lot of projects today skirt the edges to focus on the core of their vision. What are the supporting systems created for the PlayZap infrastructure to thrive?

Abhishek Buchvani: As we said, we think that one of our strongest points is the added value we bring with our secondary systems. We have developed a wallet that has features on par with top competitors in the space while having an easier to use and access interface, that also brings a lot of additional benefits while used directly in conjunction with the rest of our ecosystem. Our marketplace is interoperable and interconnected with all major hubs, sidestepping the issue of having established marketplaces as competitors and placing them in the position to function as additional cashflow for our NFTs, and the Metaverse development alongside our partners' program will see various third-party devs join us to expand the PlayVerse organically, while our core set of features has already been tested and developed accordingly to the amazing infrastructure we have built to support it.

Tell us about your token. How do you plan to further develop its usability, and if so what are your concepts for its development in the future?

Abhishek Buchvani: The PlayZap Is going to be the main token of our ecosystem, a working bot as value storage, an outside currency, and a core feature for the acquisition of exclusive NFTs collections that are going to give tangible benefits to the P2E systems in place. We will have a commonly used currency for the more basic exchanges on the ecosystem, with the PlayZap token used to buy ZHeroes, our special NFTs, and NFT real estate that can be used to fulfill multiple purposes. We plan to add more and more use cases as we develop our foundation, and we want our token to be a useful tool for our users.

Could you remind our community, especially newcomers, how they can earn their share using the PlayZap platform? What does PlayZap offer to its player base and its users?

Abhishek Buchvani: We have multiple P2E mechanisms in place, with weekly rewards for players on our rankings, tournament-based prize pools, the passive income coming from our exclusive NFTs, a share or tournament winnings for landowners, and direct earnings based on how successful you are while tackling our set of games, giving a very diversified set of tools specifically aimed to let everyone find their niche in PlayZap.

We want to keep expanding this list of tools, and we think that thanks to our partner program we will be able to add value to our ecosystem for a very long time!

You have put a lot of focus on your publisher program, can you tell us a bit more about the PlayZap and third-party devs’ role in the PlayZap ecosystem as a whole, and what are the benefits for the developers joining your project?

Abhishek Buchvani: Of course! We have developed our set of games, and we have our set of devs but we have decided on a different way to expand our reach. With our publisher program, third-party devs are able to bring their games to our ecosystem, and we share revenue with them solely based on Playrate, with no initial cost nor fee. We connect then directly with our own community, and we give them the same set of benefits as a normal publisher, with the added Freedom, with no costs at all, and with a direct share of the platform tournament earnings, a pool shared across all games.

What are your short-term goals for PlayZap, and how do you plan to transition to the medium and long-term objectives that you have showcased in your roadmap?

Abhishek Buchvani: While we are still building our core, we want to create awareness of the issues that are present in the space, while also proposing a direct solution in PlayZap, so during this q2 we will reach out to as many people as possible, bolstering the ranks of our community while building our project, to get to have a satisfied community in the next 3/6 months, and then unleash all of our features, together with the publisher program, creating a positive feedback loop of new IPS, new community members, and new collections directly on the platform in a long term approach.



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