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Project Hive on OKC Now Live!

We're happy to announce that Project Hive, a massive multiplayer play-to-earn game powered by DeFi joined the OKC ecosystem.

DeFi protocols and NFT tech are now changing the gaming industry with many successful blockchain gaming projects and redefining the approach to attracting players. In every GameFi, play-to-earn is very important, but not a single definitive mechanic makes the game attractive for players. And because of that, the team from such companies as Disney, Netflix, Ubisoft, Nintendo, and the core team members who worked on famous games, like Destiny 2, Quake, Halo Infinite, Crysis 3, etc., created Project Hive.

Project Hive's goal is to merge the Play-to-Earn approach with the traditional gaming industry's best practices, including competitive Multiplayer PVP battles, Interesting single-player PVE stories, Character progression, a unique Crafting system, and an in-game marketplace. And do a bit more with the Play-to-Earn concept itself, redefining conventional in-game economics models to build a self-sustaining economy inside the game.

Try a new and exciting gaming experience!

About Project Hive

Project Hive is a Play-to-Earn PvP-oriented turn-based game with a Clan’s system, high-quality NFT items, and challenging PvE content.

Learn more about Project Hive


About OKC

OKC is a fast, high-performance, open-source smart contract platform backed by OKX to land large-scale digital assets and Dapps.

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