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That's a Wrap on OKC Metaverse Carnival!

For this event, OKC partnered with GameFi projects, and on February 17th, officially kicked off the OKC Metaverse Carnival to let all OKC users experience the OKC Metaverse world for free!

During the event period OKC and projects, such as CryptoBlades, ISLANDSWAP, Celestial Gamefi, Blade Game, Samurai, CyberCat, Plato Farm, Shambala and GalaxyWarNFT provided over $300,000 in prizes. Which included $50,000 worth of OKT airdrop, over $45,000 worth of Mystery Boxes lucky draw, and over $260,000 worth of the project's NFTs giveaway to the users who follow the projects task.

Over 34,000 users have joined OKC Metaverse Carnival, but not all of them were meet the event's tasks. Check the lists and see if you're a winner!

Check All Winner Lists Below

OKT Airdrop Winner List

OKC Metaverse Carnival Mystery Box Winner List

OKC Game Relay Winner List

Islandswap rewards have been distributed!

CyberCat rewards have been distributed!

Blade Warrior rewards have been distributed!

CryptoBlades rewards coming soon. Stay tuned!

Celestial rewards have been distributed!

Plato Farm: learn more about Super Challenger Activity in the link below.

Once again, congratulations to the winners!

Stay with OKC for more upcoming events!!!



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