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Tristan Alliance & OKC AMA Recap

On August 11th, the PM of Tristan Alliance, Ian, joined a live Ask Me Anything session on the official OKC Telegram channel and answered questions from the OKC team and the community.

The event’s purpose was to introduce Tristan Alliance to the OKC Community.

The following is a recap of the AMA.


Host: Hello everyone, welcome to another AMA session in OKC Community. Today’s guest is Ian from Tristan Alliance. We are very excited about today’s AMA. And I hope you guys are ready!

Before we get started, can you please briefly introduce yourself?

Ian: Sure. Hello, everyone. I’m Ian, a founding member of Tristan and in charge of operations. today I am going to share with you about Tristan Alliance.


Host: Please tell us a little about Tristan.

Ian: Tristan is a Web3 social marketing and operation SaaS for enterprises and project clients. Tristan Alliance SaaS supports functions such as Quiz, DAO voting, community MUD games, third-party account verification, daily task tracking, and various other functionalities targeted toward improving marketing and community operations.

The projects can set the parameters unique to every activity module. Some examples are:

1) The requirements to take part in community activities

2) Automate validation of the activity

3) Automate the distribution of tokens. All of it will be recorded on the blockchain.

4) dashboard and data analysis

As you can see, one of our core innovations is to link community interaction with our core solution to allow for automatic reward distribution.

To help you have a better understanding, our AMA will be closely integrated with the product demonstration today.

A set of questions will be sent to the group through our bot. all answers will be found during the AMA.

As a reminder, you MUST create a built-in account through the PARTICIPATE — START two buttons before you start to answer the questions.

Participants will receive our various incentives as below

1. First of all, all participants who answer five questions correctly will receive our Alliance Quiz Token incentives;

2. Second, among all participants who answered all questions correctly, we will do a lucky draw, and 60 lucky draw winners will share a total of 60 OKT.

Everyone is welcome to participate!

Host: What will be the difference between Tristan and the commonly used tools, such as Gleam or Givelab?

Ian: Very good question. Let me explain it. The key differentiating factors between us and tools like Gleam are mainly the following three points.

a) First, our focus is on growth and operations for private traffic. There are a lot of services targeted towards websites built with web2.0 in mind, but applications targeted for Web3 are rather sparse.

Regardless of these services, there are no projects focusing on private traffic. We are here to make up for this. We are going to focus on web3.0 tools meant for Telegram and Discord.

b) The second point is that we are merging private traffic with built-in crypto accounts. It simplifies the experience of interacting with web3.0 and improves transaction and interaction rates.

We support deep integration of the projects with social media, such as the ability to directly deploy Defi and games to the community in the form of instant dApp, which is one of our customizable offerings.

c) The third point is that we are not a traditional SaaS, we are dSaaS, and every interaction will be recorded on the blockchain, such as answers, questions, lottery, and small games.

It ensures fairness, transparency, and trust among community members.

To summarize, we are a Web3 project focused on developing tools to help projects with marketing and community operations.

Host: So we understand the tool will bring great value to community operations, while for individual participants, how can they accompany you through the growth and development of your project and benefit from it?

Ian: For individual participants, we provide valuable feedback in several dimensions.

1) Participate in any Quiz activity and answer questions correctly, you will get QZT token in the embedded account; this will also apply for a game and daily tasks participant we are bringing online very soon.

2) according to the amount of QZT, we will conduct targeted incentives for loyal users such as NFT, OAT, and governance token TGO whitelist.

3) Incentives from our partners, such as Crypto or NFT blind box airdrops.

Everyone is welcome to participate in various activities as our early supporters actively!

Host: So another question that we have is that with the increase in usage, various tokens will accumulate in the embedded account of Alliance SaaS. Can you introduce the management and use of these assets?

Ian: OK, this is a question that everyone cares about.

The embedded account makes it easier for community members to receive tokens from contests and activities or to go through a daily transaction.

You can store all your assets in it, but that is not the purpose of it. We have ensured ease and security through the implementation of pin code. It simplifies the onboarding process for new users and makes it simpler to transact across web3.0.

At the same time, users still have complete control over the account assets. Direct export of private keys has also been supported.

Whether it is Token or NFT assets received by users in their account, they can transfer the assets to their own CEX or decentralized personal wallets;

In addition to transferring out and selling, users can also directly use the cloud-embedded wallet to participate in the third-party community games and other activities and can also directly make payments and transfers.

You can also use advanced functions (through our series of Bots) such as sending community red envelopes, issuing personal social tokens, etc., which can greatly enrich the community user experience.

Host: What do you think about Alliance’s embedded account security problem?

Ian: Good question. As a cloud account, we have different levels of security checks in place.

First, it should be clear again that this is an embedded account for community activities and daily transactions. Similar to a metro card/ subway card.

Through the secure authentication mechanism of the Pin code+TG account, we can offer users the most convenient way to join and experience web3.0

Only the combination of the TG account + Pin has the authority to transfer the asset. The platform does not save the user’s pin code and the user information. The embedded cloud account linked to your TG account is encrypted, and the pin code is the only key to access the asset.

Host: So, what is the project's progress today? Can we experience it right away?

Ian: At present, the beta version of the Alliance system is being tested and is integrating various projects across gameFi, DeFi, etc.; Quiz solution already supports OK Chain, Ethereum, METIS, and BNB Chain, and we are testing the Quiz function in various conditions.

In the future, more widgets such as games and daily tasks will be gradually introduced, and more main chain deployment will be supported. We welcome project partners to come to us with their requirements and what they need to ensure growth and stable community operation. We also welcome individual users to participate in our future activities to gain more incentives as early participants.

You can look at our website https://tristan.land/, which has a detailed front-end demo.

We are willing to arrange the trial account for any project or community to try. Just feel free to contact me directly, or you can also follow the website instruction. Our team will help you to open the trial account.

Host: Awesome!



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