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Unchain Fund & OKC AMA Recap

Unchain & OKC AMA Recap

On April 8th, the Co-founder of Unchain Fund, Rev Miller, joined a live Ask Me Anything session on the official OKC Telegram channel and answered questions from the OKC team.

The purpose of the event was to introduce Unchain Fund to the OKC Community.

The following is a recap of the AMA.

Could you please introduce yourself?

Rev Miller: In normal life, I’m building Web3 Social Metaverse — Atlantis World (https://atlantis.world), leading growth @ Witnet (https://witnet.io — decentralized oracle network), and contributing to some DAOs.

These days, I’m a founding partner of Unchain Fund, a Web3 fund focusing on providing humanitarian aid for people in need in Ukraine.

FYI all three projects are collaborating with OKC Network, and we’re incredibly grateful for such support!

Tell us about Unchain Fund and its background

Rev Miller: absolutely! as mentioned before, Unchain is a Web3 native fund — and we’re progressively adopting Web3 tech as we continue to grow and improve our processes.

When the crisis started in Ukraine, on Feb 24 — I reached out to lots of my friends and Web3 colleagues (both Ukrainians and not), asking if anyone would like to collaborate and run a fundraising initiative for people in need.

What started as an idea turned into a movement. From a couple of people to hundreds, and then thousands of volunteers — in a matter of weeks.

We’ve raised $1.3m within the first 18hrs, around $7.5m in the first 4 weeks, and around $10m so far — including a recent $2.5m donation from Vitalik Buterin.

Being Web3 native — means we’re operating fully on-chain (except support for volunteers, direct aid cards, and some organizations that we’re funding via bank accounts). We have multisigs on 10+ chains, overall raising on 15+ different chains, and connecting Web3 builders together for a greater public good.

You can learn more about our fundraising mechanism, and review transparency reports on our website: https://unchain.fund

What is the structure of Unchain Fund?

Rev Miller: Unchain operates as a tech startup, we do have different working groups — from tech, ops, fundraising, marketing/communications, finance, back office, volunteers/community support, and more.

We have around 70 contributors, with 30 core team members — working full time to make sure everything runs smoothly.

I’d love to give a shout out to our ‘board members’ — founding partners of Unchain, and our multisig signers — they’re all dedicating their time as volunteers and sharing their incredible knowledge and experience that helps us tremendously.

Among those people, we have founders of one of the most critical public-good-oriented projects, as well as multi-billion $ Web3 startups, including co-founders from NEAR, Celo, Polygon, Gitcoin, Sandbox, Ethereum, and many others!

Of course, we do have support from OKC core contributors, and it means a lot!

What makes Unchain Fund different from other similar projects such as Ukraine DAO?

Rev Miller: I’m actually one of the contributors UkraineDAO, and personally introduced them to some organizations, including ‘Come Back Alive’ to which they’ve made a $4m donation (for humanitarian purposes). and I’m excited to further collaborate with them, UkraineDAO rocks too!

In terms of Unchain Fund, we focus on a long-term perspective. We haven’t started funding just for a time of ongoing Russian military invasion in Ukraine. our aim is to keep on providing value and building better, more efficient and transparent charity tech tools not just for Ukraine, but for global organizations.

We’ve already received some requests from other organizations that would like to adopt our experience — with direct aid & web3 native fundraising strategies/processes. We’re happy to share our experience for the public good!

In short, we are

- a legit fund that actually operates and provides help (via volunteers, direct aid, social businesses, NGOs, and direct supply chains

- we’re progressively making everything to be seen on a chain — meaning, in the future — every support transaction will be fully verifiable. And, even more so — our aim is to make Unchain as trustless as possible

- building for long-term, and progressively onboarding people to Web3

- the first Ukrainian fund to issue direct crypto help cards (recently, Binance has done the same — perhaps, while being inspired by our example)

and more!

I’d also love to add that we’re here to collaborate, and Web3 is all about making win-win outcomes. You could see that I’m also contributing to UkraineDAO because i admire their work and happy to contribute to the greater public good.

At the end of the day, people who truly care — they’re all here to help. Unchain, UkraineDAO, or any other DAO/org — there’re so many different ways you can make a difference.

Can you please share some big achievements of Unchain Fund and how you are using the received donations to help people in Ukraine?

Rev Miller: for sure! as mentioned before, we’re funding

- volunteers helping people in need

- social businesses and organizations

- direct aid via Unchain Help Card

- supply chains (ie shipping goods from Poland to Ukraine)

I’d just share one example in each category, and if you’d like to learn even more — you’re always welcome in our community, and our volunteers will be happy to chat

a) every day, more than 200+ volunteers are delivering food, supplies, medicine, protective equipment, and other humanitarian goods — all for people in need. Including, in HIGHLY dangerous areas.

These people are literally risking their lives to help others. They’re the heroes of Ukraine.

b) we’ve recently funded $300k (with matching) to 3 organizations focusing on humanitarian aid in Ukraine — and our community fully vetted these organizations.

Though, we’re more so happy to fund initiatives that we could influence directly and check if everything is legit, transparent, and efficiently running.

For example, we’re funding one restaurant in Kyiv that prepares 15–20k meals per day and then helping them distribute that to people in need.

c) we’re already providing 25 euros/week for more than 2.5k+ people via Unchain Help Cards, and aiming to issue 10k cards asap. There’s a whole process to ensure we’re supporting the right people of specific demographics.

Right now — cards could only be issued by women with newborn kids, or kids up to 6y.o.

d) just recently, we’ve provided more than 300+ pieces of protective equipment for our volunteers, and territorial defense (folks who’re protecting hospitals, schools, historical buildings, and helping civilians). We’ve been featured in news with gratitude notes by the government and some hospitals.

What is a Help Card?

Rev Miller: we’ve partnered with Ukrainian Unex Bank to issue online cards for providing direct aid for people in need (starting with women/mothers with kid/s). Two of our founding partners — are founders of Weld Money — and that’s exactly what they’re doing with their product. They’re helping bridge banking with crypto — by creating web3 native crypto cards, that could also be issued by the bank.

Right now, we aren’t fully web3 native with those help cards — as we do fund them with fiat. Still, that’s something we’re going to improve as well as the time goes — and ideally, have everything on-chain.

Imagine if we could also integrate that with ZK tech, and enable an easy, fast, scalable and on-chain way to prove that X amount has been successfully sent to the right recipient (without leaking/compromising personal data).

How can the community get involved and donate to the people of Ukraine?

Rev Miller: feel free to visit our official website https://unchain.fund — you’ll find all the info there!

Also, join our telegram community and get involved https://t.me/unchainfund

Your opinion and help matter! let’s make the difference together!

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