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Write to Earn: CrypNote Now Supports OKC

We’re happy to announce CrypNote, a Web3 permanent-storage content ecological platform, now supports OKC, which can be switched from Ethereum to OKC after login.

Blockchain tech is making more and more sectors of different industries as time goes by. For Example, DeFi has affected the world of finance, NFTs — the world of art, and the Play to Earn model being adopted by so many game developers. Now it seems it is slowly making its way into writing.

The years of the younger generation have gone straight into Web3, and the prototype of the Metaverse is being built, and perhaps the cryptographic builders are in contemporary history. That’s why we need strong note products combined with DAO organization so that all customers and investors can benefit from it.

Introducing CrypNote, a solution for decentralized note-taking built on the permaweb, incorporates a Write to Earn philosophy.

The function of CrypNote is divided into three sections: Personal Notes, Team Collaboration, and Knowledge Base.

Personal notes positions CrypNote as a note-taking platform where users are able to store their notes on decentralized and permanent storage solutions such as Arweave and Filecoin.

As well as personal notes, CrypNote introduces collaborative document editing on Arweave. It will act in a way similar to Web2 products like Evernote and Google Docs, but more permanent and censorship-free.

The knowledge base is where Write to Earn comes in. It is open to all users and consists of an encyclopedia section and a Q&A section. Writers will be able to contribute to the encyclopedia and answer other people’s questions in the Q&A section in order to earn the upcoming CrypNote token. This will be constructed in a way where users will be able to take on tasks and bounties in order to contribute.

CrypNote is in its very early stages, but it may have a promising future because Write to Earn, as one of the X to Earn trends, seems like an interesting use case for blockchain tech.

If you want to try out CryNote, you can check the tutorial of CrypNote here

About CrypNote

CrypNote is a Web3 permanent-storage content ecological platform. Through encrypted storage on the chain, it can achieve content privacy, content sharing, editing and collaboration, content ownership, and on-chain content interaction to build a Web3 and DAO infrastructure.

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