10 Questions to Understand Our New Open Partnership Program

If you aspire to set up your own digital asset exchange with our blockchain tech, read on.

Our Digital Asset Exchange Open Partnership Program is just fresh out of the oven. Simply put, this is our white-label solution that enables our future “OK Partners” to take advantage of our industry-leading technology and establish their own digital asset exchange in their own brand.

1. What is the Digital Asset Exchange Open Partnership Program?

This is part of our global digital asset ecosystem expansion plan. In phase 1, we are recruiting the first batch of 100 OK Partners worldwide who share our blockchain architecture and technology to build their own digital asset exchange brands.

To apply, all you need are your domain names, logo, and your own operations team.

2. What will OKEx provide for OK Partners?

Almost all technical infrastructure and supports you need, including:

- Order matching system
- Counter system
- Cold and hot wallet technology
- Clearing system
- Multilingual customer supports
- Global know-your-customer and anti-laundering measures
- R&D and system maintenance supports

3. Can OK Partners list other tokens other than their own platform token?

Yes, all OK Partners can independently select what tokens to list on their exchanges.

4. Do OK Partners have full control of their management?

Yes. We only provide R&D and technical support to our OK Partners. All partners will have full autonomy in management, operation, marketing, and token listing, etc.

5. How will the deposit, withdrawal, asset custody and clearing work?

To safeguard the asset of the customers, these processes will be handled by OKEx. The transaction income of OK Partners will be cleared by OKEx and released to all partners regularly.

6. What is the “shared liquidity” mechanism and why is it better?

It means all trading orders from OK Partners will be processed in our order matching system, where orders from OKEx and OK Partners can be traded in one place. As such, all partners and their customers can enjoy the enormous market liquidity and trading experience of OKEx.

This mechanism helps our partners avoid problems, such as trading delays and large bid-ask spread, caused by the low trading volume at the beginning.

7. How is the trading volume of each OK Partner calculated with the “shared liquidity” mechanism?

While all OK Partners share their trading orders and market liquidity, the trading volume of each of them is calculated individually.

8. Can I still enjoy the Happy Friday bonus with the 500,000 OKB deposit?

No, the deposit is not eligible for the 24% platform token bonus nor any other incentive rebates.

9. What benefits can OKB holders enjoy from this program?

The first batch of 100 OK Partners will have to issue their own platform tokens. 80% of each OK Partner’s revenue will be assigned as incentives to its platform token holders. 24% of platform tokens are to be distributed to OKB holders.

In other words, OKB holders will be given a certain amount of the platform tokens from all OK Partners. Even if they don’t sell the platform tokens, they will also enjoy the incentives offered by each OK Partner.

10. How to get on board?

Quota in phase 1: 100 teams

Deposit: 500,000 OKB / team

Application: email your contact person’s name and phone number as well as team description to okunion@okex.com to apply.

For more details about the distribution of platform tokens, please read our announcement here: https://support.okex.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004904552