Depositing and Withdrawing Your Crypto with OKEx

OKEx offers investors a variety of options for depositing and withdrawing their cryptocurrency assets from the exchange.

OKEx Academy
Nov 5, 2019 · 3 min read

The platform prides itself on being simple to use and easy to understand, and once registered on the platform, you can be depositing and withdrawing from the exchange in minutes.

Account set up is easy and takes around five minutes.

● Once you have your account set up depositing crypto is a four-click process, it’s designed to be quick, effective and easy to use.
● First, navigate to the top right of the window in which OKEx is open.

● Next, click the ‘Assets’ menu dropdown, and navigate to the ‘Deposit’ option, this is the second one in the list.
● Clicking this will open up the platform’s deposit screen.
● Here you can quickly and easily choose what type of crypto you’d like to deposit to your account from the exchange’s comprehensive lists, including a wide variety of stablecoins — that is cryptocurrencies pegged to a fiat currency.

● Depending on the asset you’re depositing, the platform will provide a deposit address in the form of a string of — what look like — random letters and numbers.

● Click the small blue square icon to the right of the deposit address to copy it, once you’ve done this you’ll receive a message saying ‘copy successful’.

● Copy this into the wallet you’re depositing your cryptocurrencies from to start the deposit process.
● If you’re using a QR scanner, click the small blue QR code icon to the right of the deposit address, this will open a small black and white QR code on your screen that can be scanned using the scanner on your chosen wallet app.

● Scan the code using the app and the deposit process will begin.
● After your deposit is complete your crypto will be automatically added to your funding account
● Remember, when you’re depositing crypto to your OKEx account make sure you deposit the correct crypto to the correct address. For example, only deposit Bitcoin to a Bitcoin address.

Withdrawal process

● Withdrawing is easy too
● Click the ‘Assets’ drop down and select ‘Withdraw’
● This will open OKEx’s ‘Withdrawal’ page

● Choose the token you want to withdraw using the drop down arrow in the ‘Token’ field
● Add the address of the wallet you would like to withdraw your crypto to, plus a note to help you record what the withdrawal is for
● Select the amount you’d like to withdraw, or select ‘Withdraw All’

● Click the submit button to start the process!

It’s that simple!
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OKEx Blog

OKEx Blog

World’s Largest Spot & Futures Cryptocurrency Exchange

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