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Weekly Update: Sep 14 — Sep 20

Here is everything you shouldn’t miss about OKEx this week

OKEx Pool Now Officially High Performance Blockchain (HPB) Node

OKEx Pool is officially running for High Performance Blockchain (HPB) node. We will continue to contribute with our best efforts to assist with the development and growth of the HPB ecosystem, a revolutionary permissionless blockchain architecture.


OKEx Pool Officially Early-Access Crypto.com Chain Validator Partner

OKEx Pool is now officially an Early-Access Crypto.com Chain Validator Partner. We will also host Council Nodes on Thaler, the Chain’s testnet (and later on the mainnet) to perform critical validation and settlement functions.


OKEx Pool Now Supernode of ARPA

We are pleased to inform you that OKEx Pool is now officially a supernode of ARPA. We will continue to maintain the stability of ARPA’s blockchain and help with the growth of the ARPA ecosystem.


Recap on Ask-Me-Anything about Hedera Hashgraph

It has been our great pleasure to invite David Hsiao (@CryptoGodfatha), CEO of Block Journal, and Jordan Fried (@jordanfried), Senior Vice President of Global Business Development, Hedera Hashgraph, to introduce the whys and wherefores of Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) at a Twitter live stream on 13 Sep.


500,000 HBAR Giveaway — Celebrating HBAR Listing

Hashgraph is officially listed on OKEx. To celebrate our HBAR Listing, we are giving out 500,000 HBAR during the promotion period.


OKEx Crypto Meme Contest

With Bitcoin dominance hovering at its highest level at around 70% for several weeks, some suggested that the alt season is about to return. In order to celebrate the impending altcoin rally, OKEx is hosting a crypto meme contest on Telegram and will be giving out a total of 100 USDK bonus to the winners!


BCH Futures Trading System Maintenance

Recently, we have updated our TRX, XRP, BSV, and ETC futures trading system in order to ensure the highest security and performance levels for our services. To further enhance the trading services, we will also be applying an upgrade to our BCH futures trading system at 05:00 Sept 23, 2019 (CEST, UTC+2).


Ethereum Classic (ETC) Hard Fork Support Complete

OKEx has completed the support of Ethereum Classic (ETC) hard fork and resumed the depositing and withdrawal of ETC at 6:00 Sep 17, 2019 (CEST, UTC+2).

Upcoming Events:

DELTA Summit OKEx Malta Tech Week 2019

DELTA Summit, the official platform for blockchain and digital innovation events in Malta, has partnered with world-leading digital asset exchange OKEx to organize the first-ever Malta Tech Week 2019 from September 30 to October 4.


OKEx Talks 2019 — Istanbul

Meet us in Istanbul on 11 Oct 2019 to discuss the “Rise of Blockchain in Turkey”. Come and enjoy an evening of conversations, giveaways, drinks, and nibbles.


MinerSummit 2019

MinerSummit 2019 is an exclusive crypto mining conference taking place in the Sichuan province of China this October. Join Alina Yao, head of OKEx Pool in Cheng Du as she speaks at MinerSummit on 12 Oct!





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