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Our Vision

At Okina we’re passionate about human potential. We believe that proactivity is innate in all of us. That when people are supported by society, they naturally thrive. That like seedlings on the forest floor, people will always grow towards light.

But humans have built a complicated world. A world which seems to go against the grain of that potential. A world of too much pressure, too tight deadlines, high expectations and low mood, where the boundaries between work and play are eroding, and our intrusive, addictive technology overwhelms us. Too often we’re drained of energy, feeling we can’t cope with life’s demands. We call this burnout.

The tricky thing about burnout is it’s hard to unpack and identify. How do we see through the fog of everyday life to pinpoint what ruffles our feathers, riles us up, tires us out? To understand what energises us, calms us and moves us? Even trickier: how do we keep track of those shifts over time? As we focus on each new task, week to week, month to month, it’s hard to zoom out and view the big picture of our feelings. And what affects them.

That’s why we created Okina — to help you see yourself more clearly. Using data analytics, behavioural science and in-depth psychosocial research, Okina gives you real insight into exactly what makes you tick, at work and at home, so you can find the right balance between your inner resources and everything the world throws at you.

Trust and empathy are at Okina’s heart. We recognise that everyone has unique needs, which is why we use data capture to unlock each individual’s complexity. Okina is the tap on your shoulder which says: ‘you might want to take it easy today’. It’s the word in your ear which says: ‘keep doing what you’re doing’. It’s the friendly nudge that tells you: ‘you could be using your downtime more healthily’.

We believe that human potential is about more than happiness. Okina is interested in a deeper kind of affinity with the world. A groundedness, a sense of purpose, a drive. Where work fulfils and motivates you. Where what you do is aligned with what you value. Where you rest deeply when you need to and work your socks off when you can. Where you have enough emotional space to find flow in the things you love.

We believe that all of this is not only possible, but sustainable. With evidence-based advice, encouragement and empathy, Okina will show you how.



Welcome to Okina, a mental wellness app that’s passionate about human potential. Okina helps you take control of your mental wellness by helping you measure and understand the things that might impact you positively and negatively and recommending actions you can take to change.

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