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Dec 5, 2017 · 4 min read

As UX professionals you are the champions of the user. You set out to create intuitive, nicely designed products through your understanding of user behaviour. From user research to sketchboarding sessions, UX professionals work in a myriad of ways to creatively solve problems as a team. These sessions always involve working out loud, critiquing, or conversations with users. Traditional tools aren’t designed to help capture these conversations, Luffa wants to help with that.

1. Luffa captures your creative artifacts

With multiple creatives in a room, you are bound to end up with ephemeral images drawn on whiteboards, ideas sketched on paper, post-its or large sheets of kraft paper. Meeting artifacts, such as these, produced in an inspired moment can easily be lost or forgotten days or weeks later.

In a sketchboarding session, lots of ideas are drawn out. Hours spent discussing these sketches are just as valuable as the sketches themselves. These meeting artifacts only make sense when surrounded by the conversation around their creation, presentation, and critique.

Having all of these conversations captured and indexed online in a searchable collection means never having to worry about missed ideas or lost context. Keep your meeting artifacts attached to their conversation and embedded in the context that surrounds them. Easily jump into past discussions and replay narrated sessions, and review critiques with Luffa.

Team Luffa working out loud

2. Luffa makes user interviews less painful

At the heart of UX is the user. Listening to their feedback is key to creating products that resonate. When collecting many different stories from a large variety of users, having a system in place to help you handle these responses is key to gaining insights.

“User experience is so much more than design. In fact, UX is less about graphics and aesthetics and almost all about research.” @Rahul Bhatli

Transcribing a large number of conversations is painful, audio is difficult to reference and search. Luffa helps with all of that.

With flagged moments you can tag the exact moment in the recording where your question happened or when an important piece of information is revealed, making it easy to jump to those key points of time. Get an annotated transcription by flagging moments instead of being focused on taking notes by hand. Luffa transcribes and indexes the conversation in real time so that you don’t have to.

Inser Interview caputred in Luffa

3. Luffa takes you from Context to Insight to Action

User research doesn’t end once your interviews are completed. It’s invaluable to have these conversations captured somewhere you can quickly find them and reference them.

“Once you have finished your experiments, make sure you take time to learn from what you have discovered, then implement it.” @Ben Ralph

With Luffa you can conclude your interviews with annotated audio transcripts as well as completed recorded screen captures that are easy to navigate. By keeping the context surrounding your research you will have a better understanding and be able to yield better insights from it. Record the visual flow posted on a wall or a narrated user journey. You’ll be able to quickly find them in Luffa, without forcing you to have to rely on your memory to figure out the meaning behind them.

Luffa lets you capture actions and decisions during the creative sessions. Pulling actions directly from your conversations into Trello, Asana, and other tools you use, so you don’t need to do it once the session is concluded. Now you can put the research front and center during your design process.


With the right tools to carry out research and design in a way that works for UX professionals, it is possible to create a shared language. Having this consistent language between teams leads to a comprehensive grasp of user needs and desires across your organization.

With Luffa you can share full interviews or simply choose to share crucial quotes or findings with your team. Have the groundwork of research and a reservoir of design history to pull from while moving forward. Foster a creative environment that encourages problem-solving by considering everything learned up to this point and keeping it relevant and accessible. Use tools that integrate with apps used by every stakeholder so that everyone can learn from the UX team and start speaking the same language.

Simplify the most painful parts of research and design by starting to capture with Luffa today.


Luffa is the capturing app for teams that makes meetings more useful, productive and smart.


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Luffa is the capturing app for teams that makes meetings more useful, productive and smart.



Luffa is the capturing app for teams that makes meetings more useful, productive and smart.

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