No excuses.

Life is taken in a moment.

It lasts but the same.

No matter if you live to 97, or 27 — this is the only moment you have.

What are you using it for?

Are you just using Time as a placeholder? To scroll through videos on Facebook, or through Twitter?

Are you constantly looking at information that is continuing to keep you from your goals?

You’ll never get this moment again. Choose yourself today.

Your dreams matter.

Your hopes matter.

Never let others tell you that this isn’t the case. You have a unique destiny that you are fully capable of living out. If it feels like it’s unattainable, you’re on the right track.

If it feels like you’ll never get there, you’re in the right spot. A 10,000 mile trek starts with the first step.

If tomorrow isn’t promised, what would you give for today? How would you spend your time?

Keep your vision clear.

Daniel Okon

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