OkPulse now supports early detection of Stress, Anxiety, Resilience and over 7 other employee wellness concerns

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4 min readJan 20, 2021


As your organisation embarks into the year 2021, chances are that your employee workforce is now mostly remote and virtual. With employees working remotely for close to 12 months now — it becomes critical for your HR teams to get more insights into your employees’ mental wellness levels and also gather holistic insights on their general health and wellness. Early employee wellness risk detection is now a must-have for business and we are pleased to announce that Ithuem OKPulse has significantly scaled up our the insights available on our employee wellness digital platform.

Our existing platform is currently being used by 100s of employees across multiple organisations and we have continued to co-design with the employer’s HR departments to deliver more value.

The following new features have been released on our platform and are now available FREE of charge to all our existing and new organisations (OKPulse is currently completely free for organisations with up-to 250 employees)

OKPulse now supports the early detection of over 10 Signals

OKPulse provides early detection of multiple Employee Wellbeing “Signals”

“Signals” in OKPulse are basically “key dimensions” of data insights we generate on employees. They can be used for early risk detection of health and wellness issues in teams.

  1. Stress
    Mental distress that is being detected due to work or personal problems. It’s usually an outcome of poor resilience and/or unfair external pressure.
  2. Anxiety
    Worry and uncertainly caused due to poor resilience or stress in the workplace or personal environment.
  3. Environmental / Tech Stress
    Mental distress caused due to physical attributes that cause low productivity for an employee. E.g. slow wifi, company software not working, bad home office setup or lack of space for Work From Home.
  4. Physical Wellness
    Positive mental state and self confidence caused by the employee being happy with their physical wellness. E.g. satisfying exercise levels and healthy eating patterns.
  5. Resilience
    The ability for the employee to deal with change in their work and personal lives whilst maintaining an overall positive outlook on life. Lack of resilience causes stress and anxiety. Strong resilience leads to strong self assurance and better performance.
  6. Work/Life Balance
    How well does the employee balance their work and personal life activities? This is especially important for remote employees who find that the lines between these blur over time and causes anxiety and stress.
  7. Self Assurance
    How self confident is the employee in dealing with the varying situations they face in the work and personal lives? Self Assurance is the holistic by-product of an employee having strong levels of positive signals (resilience, work/life Balance ) and leads to strong performance.
  8. Leadership Support
    How much support is the employee receiving from company leadership? This can be perceived levels of support or objectively clarifying levels of support. i.e. if many individuals from the same team report low support from leadership then it’s a problem but if a single employee reports it — it may be perceived.
  9. Team Support
    How supportive is the employees’ immediate team? This again can be perceived levels of support or objectively clarifying levels of support. i.e. if many individuals from the same team report low support then it’s a problem but if a single employee reports it — it may be perceived or an indicator of another negative signal.
  10. Loneliness
    A very specific Mental distress signal that can be a directly related to anxiety and low support. Loneliness is called out exclusively as a specific negative signal in our program as it’s something that many people will face as they work remotely in the new normal. This is especially true for single individuals but not exclusive to them.
Team reports: Insights on “Signals” detected in teams
Summary wellness reports provide actionable insights based on early risk

Read more about our platform and the employee wellness tool it provide here - Employee Wellbeing Program for the “New Normal”

Signup to OKPulse for Free

OkPulse is currently being used by organisations who have been finding it especially useful as they scale out their team sizes and make their employee base remote. The following is some feedback we have received so far:

“As we scaled up our workforce recently, we were looking for a program to keep a proactive check on our remote team’s wellness, productivity, and to help develop our culture of openness. OKPulse gives us the tools and insights we need to detect early signs of employee work-related stress and pressure.”

Ankit from Fasade

“OkPulse was seamless to rollout to our team and it has been giving us some very useful insights on what’s concerning our employees during a transition to remote work”

Shan from P&M Engineering Consulting

We are keeping OKPulse Free for the foreseeable future so feel free to sign up and use it with your employees today.

Learn more and sign up here: https://okpulse.life

Watch this video to see how you can Signup, Launch and On-Board your Employees within 5 minutes!




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