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OKPulse now supports Google Single Sign-On

At OKPulse, seamless sign-up and sign-on has always been a primary focus. Employers and employees should be able to use the OKPulse platform without having to register for a new account and having to remember a new set of usernames and passwords. Instead, they should be able to use their existing corporate ID systems to use OKPulse. More employers primarily use two main “corporate identity” platforms and these are:

  • Microsoft Active Directory (AD)
  • Google Identity

The technical terminology for using existing corporate usernames and passwords to sign into other software is called “single sign on”.

In our quest to make OKPulse allow for seamless access and adoption – we are pleased to announce that we now support the two largest corporate single sign-on identity providers (Microsoft active directory and Google identify)

You can no Sign-up and Sign-in using Google Identity

OKPulse is a data-driven, AI enabled solution for proactive & virtual monitoring of employee health and wellness.

OKPulse is completely free to use — sign up today at https://okpulse.life

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