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OKPulse Now Supports Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Single Sign-On

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service, which helps your employees sign in and access organisation resources. It is the most widely used active directory system in the world and powers almost every organisation’s employee directory.

OkPulse was built from the ground up to re-imagine corporate employee wellness for the new age (the new normal of remote work), as such we wanted to make it as easy as possible for organisations to use and manage employee wellness.

OKPulse now supports Azure AD Access

We are pleased to announce that OKPulse now fully supports Azure AD Single Sign-On (SSO), enabling organisations around the world to seamlessly install and use OKPulse with their existing Azure AD user accounts. Once setup, your employees will not require additional login and access details to use their OKPulse employee wellness portal.

Watch this short 2 minute video on how easy it is to get OkPulse integrated into your Azure AD Portal.

OKPulse is a data-driven, AI enabled solution for proactive & virtual monitoring of employee health and wellness.

OKPulse is completely free to use — sign up today at https://okpulse.life

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