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Release Notes: Seamless Employee Single Sign On, 7 new Employee Wellness Signals, New 12 month Wellness Program

We are pleased to announce our latest major release to the OKPulse employee wellness program which is now available free to all our existing users.

New Features Released:

At OKPulse, seamless sign-up and sign-on has always been a primary focus. Employers and employees should be able to use the OKPulse platform without having to register for a new account and having to remember a new set of usernames and passwords.

We now support both of the largest corporate identity platforms in the market today — Azure AD and Google Identity.

Use these today and onboard your employees securely and seamlessly.

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“Signals” in OKPulse are “key dimensions” of data insights we generate on employees as they use the program. They can be used for early risk detection of health and wellness issues in teams. Our AI technology uses these Signals to help employers identify at-risk employee groups. We recently added 7 new Employee wellness Signals to our algorithm, in total we now support the following employee wellness signals:

Stress, Anxiety, Environmental / Tech Stress, Physical Wellness, Resilience, Work/Life Balance, Self Assurance, Leadership Support, Team Support, Loneliness

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Up-to now our program only supported a “3 month data collection wellness cycle (the period for which we collect employee insights and surface risks)” — we have now extended this to a 12 month cycle to allow for a more accurate benchmark of your employees’ wellness.

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Next Release Progress:

OkPulse is currently being used by organisations who have been finding it especially useful as they scale out their team sizes and make their employee base remote. The following is some feedback we have received so far:

“As we scaled up our workforce recently, we were looking for a program to keep a proactive check on our remote team’s wellness, productivity, and to help develop our culture of openness. OKPulse gives us the tools and insights we need to detect early signs of employee work-related stress and pressure.”

Ankit from Fasade

“OkPulse was seamless to rollout to our team and it has been giving us some very useful insights on what’s concerning our employees during a transition to remote work”

Shan from P&M Engineering Consulting

We are keeping OKPulse Free for the foreseeable future so feel free to sign up and use it with your employees today.

Watch this video to see how you can Signup, Launch and On-Board your Employees within 5 minutes!



OKPulse is a AI enabled, virtual employee wellbeing platform that helps keep a proactive check on employee mental health, productivity, engagement and general health and wellbeing.

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