The jolly roller-coaster ride continues. Combating the everyday Nigerian challenge of no light and bad network, I have been zealously striving to complete tasks and assignments. Today has gone-by relatively gently.
As part of the tasks for today, I successfully cloned the Andela Proctor login page using only HTML and CSS. This took a little longer time than originally expected due to trying to be as perfect as possible with it. Then came the coding assignments. To solve the first question, I wrote a function to compare two arrays for equality and difference. All tests passed except one of them. Debugging this lasted almost one hour, before successfully getting passed.
The second question required writing three functions to return different arrays. I also had to write a search function to find a specified number and return certain values. This proved to be the most difficult challenge for the day. I initially had no clue as to how to solve this. Some brainstorming and internet research eventually gave some clues. I spent such a long time trying to solve this question. After more than five hours of coding, I finally got “Eureka”.
Today has been really challenging. I have been jolted to further improve my coding and debugging skills. I have learnt carrying out operations on JavaScript arrays, and honed my basic web design skills. At the end of the day, I can categorically say “It has surely been worthwhile!”

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