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Why I podcast

I have a podcast show called Old Man Stink. I podcast with embarrasing irregularity. I don’t really promote the show and if you subscribe, you’ll get maybe one show every few weeks… or months…

I did a regular podcast for TourneyCentral called The Tournament Review during the first round of podcasting when it was a hot thing in the mid-oughts, around 2007–09. In the beginning, it was exciting and I had lots to talk about. But the tedium of booking guests with emails back and forth, the script writing, the audio editing…

My god, the audio editing… I hate post production in most of its forms. For a 10–20 minute chat on the phone, there would be about 3–5 hours of post production.

I would spend weeks with guests — there were a ton of interesting people who had fascinating things to say — but most people are media shy. In conversations, they are lively, but put a microphone or a camera on them, they clam up. Some interviews were like dragging a bag of wet cats across a beach in the rain.

While I had a few hundred shows in the can by the time I suspended The Tournament Review, it provided little traction. By then, podcasting was passé. I was quite surprised that it made a come-back.

Don’t you people know how much work goes into creating a podcast?” I screamed loudly in my head. Still, lots of folks jumped into the medium.

Ok, so did I, but not with both feet. I created Old Man Stink as a medium to promote others when I could. If someone wanted to talk about what they were doing, they were interesting and caught my attention and I could provide them some traction with a podcast, I would do it. I have the set up, I can talk, listen and do post production (I still hate it, but I can do it.)

I have a mic and phone set-up and can turn on the switch easily and quickly. Like I did with VM Vaughn recently (listen to this and read him…)

This is why I podcast; to give others some media they can use to promote what they are doing.



Millennial tuna fish with a hint of old man stink. #podcast If you are over 50 and doing cool stuff, ping us. http://eepurl.com/b65V4T Podcast subscribe: http://apple.co/1Lj4icS

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