ØZWALD Release Shimmering ‘Worth the Wait’

Randall Radic
Nov 15 · 2 min read

Indie-Americana duo ØZWALD released their second single, “Worth the Wait, a short while ago. The song is from their forthcoming second LP, Born In A State, mixed by Max Allyn, and slated to drop in early December.

Made up of Jason Wade (Lifehouse) and Steve Stout (Blondfire), ØZWALD’s genesis occurred when Stout was asked to play on Lifehouse’s upcoming international tour, later cancelled. The two hit it off and, later, after Wade went back to California, he found himself in need of an engineer, so he contacted Stout.

As they worked together, the two artists lost themselves in creating music. Their initial goal was to write three songs in two weeks, but right in the middle of the project, Stout and his girlfriend parted ways. Heartbreak stimulated creativity and, while living on Wade’s couch, the two composed two songs a day, for a total of 12-songs in two weeks. The result: the duo’s forthcoming LP, Born In A State.

ØZWALD — ‘Worth the Wait’

According to the duo, “With our first record, Sweet Delirium, we were heavily influenced by the records of the late ‘60’s, and songwriting styles of Elliott Smith and Paul Simon. We have since moved from Los Angeles to Nashville and quickly found the move changed how we approach writing songs, with the aesthetic of our surroundings really starting to bleed into the music. We were listening to a lot of bands like Wilco and Foxwarren while making this album, which led us deeper into the colorful, melancholic world of Indie-Americana.”

“Worth the Wait” opens on soft gleaming guitar tones reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac flowing into a gleaming indie-Americana melody with tasty savors of SoCal country-rock. Sparkling accents suffuse the music with tantalizing filaments of swirling colors and glistening textures.

A low-slung deep-throated guitar infuses the solo section with muted subdued dynamics in keeping with the velvety flow of the song.

Gentle nostalgic timbres pervade the delicious vocals, providing washes of plush emotional commitment to wistful melancholy as the lyrics look back at once was.

Exquisitely wrought, the song’s title — “Worth the Wait” — says it all: this beautiful song was worth waiting for.

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Old Pink

Music reviews, premieres, interviews.

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