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Abby K Releases Enchanting ‘Waiting Game’

Randall Radic
Nov 29 · 2 min read

Moments ago, Seattle-based artist Abby K released the lyric video for “Waiting Game,” a song from her album, The Whole Truth.

Explaining the song, Abby says, “’Waiting Game’ is a crowd sourcing experiment turned gold. As the song’s birth began while waiting for a loved one to have surgery, it suddenly came to a halt. How could I write the ending in fear of the outcome? Changing its direction, I reached out to my fans asking them to share things they wait for. Ultimately, the song is a reminder that life is short and the time to do what you dream is NOW. What are you waiting for?”

Abby’s sound is difficult to pigeonhole, blending elements of pop, alt-country, alt-rock, Americana, and folk into music simultaneously wistful and contemporary. It’s a sound Abby describes as “Heart-Rock,” reflecting her childhood influences in Kentucky, where later, at the age of 16, she experienced the contagious thrill of singing the “Star Spangled Banner” for 20,000 basketball fans.

Abby K — ‘The Whole Truth’

In pursuit of her musical dream, she moved to the Windy City, where she spent the next two decades performing and writing new songs. Eventually, she relocated to Seattle, playing at venues throughout the Pacific Northwest and California, including Seattle’s NW Folk Life Festival, entrancing audiences with her delectable blend of music, suffused with sumptuous Southern flavors, Midwest nous, and stirring aromas.

“Waiting Game” opens on retro-flavored guitars reminiscent of Ricky Nelson, smoothly gleaming and satisfying. A soft yet infectious rhythm underscores the folk-pop melody, infusing the tune with an alluring undulating cadence, as Abby’s evocative crystalline voice imbues the lyrics with breezy buoyancy.

“Waiting for the day that shows you the way / Waiting for hope / You wish would show up / Wait for the sign that never came and resigned to / Waiting for a time when I won’t be waiting anymore / Wait and see / Fix that knee / Or to see when the other shoe drops.”

“Waiting Game” is charmingly superb, traveling on luscious sonic textures, as Abby K’s dulcet tones jog your memory encouraging you to get busy living.

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Old Pink

Old Pink

Music reviews, premieres, interviews.

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