Abby Posner

Abby Posner Dazzles on Gorgeous ‘Return’

Randall Radic
Oct 25 · 3 min read

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Abby Posner just released her EP, Return.

Posner explains the EP’s inspiration, “The album Return is about returning back to different parts of myself…it is a record that traces the steps of an inner journey — coming out, evolving as an artist, going through various periods of anxiety, breakups…seeing every obstacle as a teacher. I wanted to record this album on the piano because it was the first instrument I learned, though I don’t play it often, I wanted to push myself and challenge myself to write and create an entire record on my first instrument. The instrument that got me to where I am today!”

A graduate of CalArts, Posner has worked in Los Angeles since 2003, playing banjo, drums, mandolin, bass, and piano. She’s composed music for films, television, and radio, including Old Fashioned, The Fosters, This American Life, The Art of More, and Last Tango in Halifax. Her music has been heard all over the world — China, Sweden, The UK, Australia — on TV and in commercials.

If that’s not enough, Posner had roles in two episodes of GLEE, performing on banjo and guitar, as well as scoring three films, all while touring and performing with her indie folk band Abby and The Myth, formed in 2015. The band released Ghosts and Frames, followed by When You Dig A Well, and then signed with Laurel Canon.

Abby Posner — ‘Return’

Comprising four-tracks, Return begins with the title track, opening on a gorgeous piano, followed by the entry of Posner’s deliciously rich voice, clear and silky. Soft glowing strings emerge in the backdrop, infusing the tune with delicate elegant textures.

Posner says, “’Return’ is about everything falling apart around you, and the only place that you can find peace is within.”

“Cooking Wine” rides the melancholic tones of the piano, but then takes on slightly brighter colors, as optimistic flavors invade the strings, piano, and Posner’s evocative voice. “Heavy” features a slow bluesy melody, topped by Posner’s poignant timbres, mirroring her recollection.

“’Heavy’ is about looking back on a breakup, and reflecting on how things evolve and change…it is a song about being able to move through changes with ease,” comments Posner.

“Snow,” a song about anxiety, rides darker colors from the piano, accompanied by a sadly inflected violin, as Posner’s lyrics confront her worrisome foe. “The snow is coming down, the snow is coming down, it’s chilling….listen for the sound, listen for the sound its breaking.”

Beautifully wrought, Return surges with a sense of sonic imminence, cashmere textures, that glorious piano, and Abby Posner’s scrumptious voice, narrating with lingering emotions.

N.B. Its an exclusive band camp release for now. In 2020 it will be on all streaming platforms” — quote from Abby — “I want to make it feel special, and I want people to be able to download MP3s if they want, Spotify and Apple Music feels impersonal to me in some way and this is my way of holding onto digital downloading before it goes to out completely. Pretty soon everything will be streaming only and I hope that people continue to support artists by downloading from band camp and buying records at shows.”

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Music reviews, premieres, interviews.

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