Bossacucanova Release New Album — ‘Bossa Got The Blues’

Randall Radic
Nov 19 · 2 min read

Rio de Janeiro electro-bossa nova outfit Bossacucanova released a new album, entitled Bossa Got The Blues, not long ago.

With Roberto Menescal once more injecting his enchanted touch, the 10-track offering provides heady flavors of blues. Roberto explains, “First we wanted to create something more like blues than rock and bossa. Living up to its title, the blues borrowed some of the bossa elements. The creativity of what Bossacucanova created in the rhythmic part is what led me to compose this way, doing things quite differently from what I usually do.”

Since bursting onto the scene in 2001 with their initial release, Brasilidade, Bossacucanova quickly garnered international acclaim, touring Japan and Europe, followed by a Latin Grammy nomination in 2002. Bossa Got The Blues is the band’s seventh studio album, released on Six Degrees Records.

The album leads off with “1937,” the year Roberto Menescal was born. The song opens on sizzling Latin flavors riding a rumbling groove topped by tasty horns. Menescal’s deliciously textured guitar infuses the tune with delightful colors and simmering accents.

Bossacucanova — ‘Bossa Got The Blues’

Highlights on the album include “Mandacaru,” with its light trembling intro segueing into a jazzy blues-flavored Latin melody full of bright hues and a creamy undulating rhythm. There’s a mysterious sensuality emanating from the melody, smoldering on bouncy scrumptious surface tones.

“Tran To Ipanema” starts off on oozing horns flowing into a potent syncopated rhythm featuring Menescal’s tasty guitar riffs, as sparkling-lite tones from the horns add surges of gleaming textures. “Blues Bossa,” composed by Roberto Menescal and J.C. Costa Netto, rolls on rousing energy provided by upbeat jazz-flavored guitar accents and the deep braying of the saxophone. Hints of rockabilly suffuse the tune with dynamic electricity.

“Bossa Got The Blues,” the title track, features a sumptuous cashmere guitar over which smooth brilliant horns deliver streaming tones rife with gorgeously opulent relish. Layers of interweaving timbres coalesce into innovative coloration, silky yet replete with muscle.

The final track, “Galeria Menescal,” rides a measured rippling melody, as a glistening low-slung guitar injects plush tones accompanied by spectacular rhythmic percussion, giving the tune a dreamy flow tinged by delicious sonic sensations, as the horns swirl gently.

Bossa Got The Blues is superb, chock-full of voluptuous colors, luscious horns, and galvanizing harmonics.

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Music reviews, premieres, interviews.

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