Casey Ahern Releases Profound ‘Just A Dance’

Randall Radic
Sep 27 · 3 min read

SoCal singer-songwriter Casey Ahern just released a new single, entitled “Just A Dance,” the lead single from her forthcoming EP, Where I Run, slated to drop this fall.

The title of her imminent EP mirrors Casey’s personality. “I am definitely constantly on the go, pursuing my dream and all the musical and other adventures that come my way.”

Recorded in Nashville, produced and mixed by Nathan Meckel and Mark Niemiec, aka “The Buzz Brothers,” the track features the talents of Tim Galloway (guitar), Kris Donegan (guitar), Lee Hendricks (bass), David Dorn (keyboards), Matt King (drums), Eamon McLoughlin (violin), and Kaci Bolls (backing vocals).

Describing her time in Nashville, at Sound Emporium Studios, Casey says, “This was my first time recording in Nashville, and it was an exciting, inspiring experience. We’re staying in the mainstream country vein while incorporating influences from other genres I love, including pop and folk and blues on the song ‘Heartbreak Radio.’ Nathan and Mark have incredible instincts and ears and immediately knew what they were listening for and what they wanted to hear from me. Before the sessions, I sent them work tapes with just acoustic guitar and vocals, with the chords, lyrics and melody there in raw form. They crafted the songs into tracks beyond anything I could have imagined.”

Always known as a free spirit, Casey took off for Boston, when she was 17-years-old, to study at the Berklee College of Music. Then she returned to SoCal, followed by heading to Nashville to write songs and perform at the Bluebird Café and Douglas Corner Café.

Casey Ahern

Casey labels herself as a contemporary country artist. It’s an apt portrayal, yet there’s more to her sound, which emanates elusive suggestions of Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, and the SoCal soft country rock of the Eagles and Poco.

With the release of her 2018 debut EP, He Was Summer, Casey made an immediate impact on Spotify, with “Indio” accumulating more than 81,000 streams, while the title track achieve 50,000 streams. Casey and her band have performed at The Mint, The Viper Room, The Canyon Club, The Arena, and Borderline Bar & Grill, while Casey has played acoustic shows at various venues.

“Just A Dance” opens on low-slung glinting guitars flowing into a creamy alt-country tune flavored with drawling accents and a scrumptious violin oozing melancholic colors. A measured rhythm infuses the song with gentle swaying undulations, as Casey’s deliciously tender tones array the lyrics in alluring nuanced textures.

“The yellow lights / The swing of the crowd / He just grabbed my hand / And spun me ‘round and around / But that was all / It didn’t last / It was nothing more than just / A dance.”

Casey’s voice, a cashmere instrument of expression, highlights the track, imbuing the song with yearning aromas, delicate surface timbres, and aching wistfulness.

“Just A Dance” is superb, suffused with longing heartache and poignant doubt. It’s a beautiful, evocative song by a remarkably talented artist.

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Music reviews, premieres, interviews.

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