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INTERVIEW | An Old Friend Talks About Music, Mood, and Color

Randall Radic
Dec 5, 2019 · 3 min read

Long Island alt-rock outfit An Old Friend recently released the music video for “Nesting,” a song about confronting one’s demons before suffocating beneath their weight.

The video, directed by Tom Flynn, depicts a young man moving through an old house, exploring the rooms. As he does so, he encounters masked figures. Initially, he chases the phantoms, followed by fleeing from them. In the end, the apparitions turn out to be his doppelgangers.

Because of their unique sound, An Old Friend is difficult to categorize into a single genre, especially since they steer clear of traditional songwriting precepts following the usual pattern of verse/bridge/chorus. Instead, An Old Friend’s sound hinges on mood and color, infusing their music with delicious freshness.

Made up of Eddy Barrera (Guitar/Vocals), Cory Brown (Bass), Cody Kohler (Vocals/Guitar), and Frank Facompre (Drums), I sat down with An Old Friend to discover more about their influences and their unstructured slant on songwriting.

How did the band come to get together?

Met through mutual friends, took a drive to our first practice and realized we all had similar tastes at the time, so the chemistry was naturally there.

How did you all get started in music?

Basically through our peers or family were we introduced to instruments, yet for some of us, we started musically in school, whether chorus/band/orchestra, and as that gave us an understanding of music theory we then all branched out into the instruments we play today.

What’s your favorite song to belt out in the car or the shower?

“Ape Dos Mil” — Glassjaw, anything Circa Survive, MewithoutYou, or Balance and Composure.

An Old Friend

What singers/musicians influenced you the most?

Collectively — Minus The Bear / Balance And Composure / Circa Survive / Emarosa (circa 2009)/ Brand New / Danny Carey / Aesop Rock.

Where do you find inspiration for your songs?

I think we all kind of feed off of each other and blend all our different styles together. It’s almost another language you learn when you build chemistry in a band, we all have this unanimous feeling when something feels right.

What inspired your new single/music video “Nesting?”

The inspiration for “Nesting” lyrically and visually was simply a collective effort to touch the subject of how everyone struggles with issues, insecurities, day to day difficulties, or for lack of better words “demons,” and if we don’t face these troubles head on (face to face) they will build up, and smother you. The lyrics definitely hold a broad value to that subject as well as the video.

The way the video for “Nesting” juxtaposes dark and light recalls Ridley Scott. Is this contrast symbolic or simply for visual effect?

I would say symbolic. We all go through tough times and it was a way to kind of to express that inner feeling.

Your sound is definitely unique, amalgamating suggestions of punk, alt-rock, and even emo, making it hard to pigeonhole. How do you describe your sound?

A conglomerate of all our different styles. It’s always hard to tell people what kind of music we play. We try not to pigeonhole our sound; it helps with writing when you aren’t held to one particular sound.

“Nesting” doesn’t reflect the traditional verse-bridge-chorus structure, relying more on mood and color. How did you come up with this atypical approach?

We build the structure for songs as needed, sometimes we just have a single riff and continue building from that. Very rarely do we plan a structure before we write.

Is your sound evolving? If so, in which direction — toward pop or rock?

Constantly, we are always looking for new styles to incorporate into our songs; we would say it’s going more towards a dark rock vibe.

What’s next for you musically?

Writing, Record, Release, Tour.

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