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John Paciga

John Paciga Premieres ‘No One Else,’ featuring Lexi Pappas

Randall Radic
Mar 11, 2020 · 2 min read

Alternative piano rocker John Paciga introduces the music video for “No One Else,” a song from his forthcoming album, Still Got Me.

Featuring Lexi Pappas, “No One Else” is not your usual love song about heartache, anguish, despondency, and life has no meaning without you. Instead, Paciga’s song celebrates the thrill of love and the inspiration of healthy romance.

Only nineteen-years-old, Paciga, who describes himself as a “theater geek and crazy Yale student,” got started in music at the age of four, when he began piano lessons. In middle school he took part in musical theater. By the time he hit eighth grade, he was recording his music. Since then, he’s released two albums and one EP, with another album on the way.

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John Paciga

Multi-talented, there isn’t much Paciga hasn’t tried and conquered: singing, songwriting, piano, acting, and even directing. He not only directed the music video for “No One Else,” but is the musical director of The Yale Spizzwinks(?), the century old a cappella group, which has toured throughout the U.S., as well as performing in international locations such as Reykjavík, Iceland, Beijing, China, Singapore, Bangkok, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

“No One Else” opens on a brawny, infectious piano-rock melody reminiscent of Billy Joel, only with more muscular heft emanating from the potent guitars. I love the elegant jazzy blues-laced piano, sparkling with oodles of radiance. Flowing strings infuse the tune with quixotic streams of color, as Paciga and Pappas merge their dazzling voices into a grand sonic concoction.

The video, directed by Paciga, depicts Lexi in her dressing room, wondering where Paciga is, since they’re scheduled to perform in an hour. Paciga’s in bed, asleep, when his phone rouses him. Telling Lexi he’s already on his way to the venue, he dresses and hits the road. A flashback has the couple seated at a piano, rehearsing for the big show. The chemistry between the two singers leaps off the screen.

“No One Else” delivers electrifying energy, glowing layers of impressive harmonics, and the deluxe voices of John Paciga and Lexi Pappas.

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