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PREMIERE | Anana Kaye Dazzle On ‘Detour’

Randall Radic
Aug 2 · 2 min read

Alt-Americana duo Anana Kaye premiere their new EP, Detour, on Medium. Recorded at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY, the EP was co-produced by the duo and Aaron Nevezie, while the bonus track was recorded in East Nashville with guitarist/producer Dave Coleman, and “Blueberry Fireworks” was produced by Brett Ryan Steward at Wirebird Productions.

Detour follows Anana Kaye’s debut album, the moody Sentient. The new EP mirrors the duo’s cathartic response to the chaos surrounding them, featuring topics such as loss, alienation, depression, and struggle traveling on alt-pop melodies flavored with classical elements.

Originally from the Republic of Georgia, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Anana Kaye is made up of Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel, who presently reside in Nashville, where they tend Duende Vision, a photo and video production company.

Embracing seven-tracks, Detour begins with “Down the Ladder,” opening on an ominous-flavored piano rife with cabaret-like savors flowing into a wickedly potent melody exuding intense energy, as Kaye’s evocative tones imbue the lyrics with fierce urgency.

“A Scar to Remember You By” rides opaque elegant colors, undulating with residual melancholy and ozone mistiness. Kaye’s impressive voice infuses the tune with cap-a-pie delicious nuances, subtle and brimming with tender timbres.

“Invasion” rides a throbbing rhythm, rife with alt-rock momentum, as gleaming accents embellish the melody with iridescent hues jam-packed with edgy pigments and haunting spectral intonations. “If I Could Live My Life Again” features proximate nostalgic surfaces, trembling with elegiac relishes. Kaye’s voice teems with aching textures, delivering a frisson of wistfulness.

“All That I Have” opens on harmonious percolating colors flowing into a graceful warm melody, oozing soft gentle washes of color. There’s a scrumptious nursery rhyme drift to the music, alluring and surging with quince-colored light.

“Shine Alone (A Song for David Bowie)” travels on a beautiful piano supported by a compelling rhythm, as pale glistening accents supply sonic depth and dimension. The charming polish of this tune is superb, making it a personal favorite.

The last track, “Blueberry Fireworks” offers a measured groove topped by Kaye’s emotion-filled probing voice. The entry of a velvety French horn suffuses the harmonics with wonderful floating textures.

Detour is exquisite, full of uncompromising fluidity, infectious hypnotic rhythms, electrifying sonic sensations, and the nonpareil voice of Anana Kaye.

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Old Pink

Music reviews, premieres, interviews.

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