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Jamie Hart

PREMIERE | Jamie Hart Impresses on ‘Get Closer’

Randall Radic
Oct 25, 2019 · 3 min read

Boston singer-songwriter Jamie Hart introduces her new music video, “Get Closer,” on Medium.

“Get Closer” is the result of a cusp of transition in Hart’s life, a cusp encompassing a two-year break from music: 2017 found Hart discontented and unfulfilled. So she ensconced herself in the nonphysical world, earning certifications as a spiritual life coach and yoga instructor.

Two years later, in 2019 Hart asked herself, “What would you do if you only had a month to live?” Her answer was to create music, music derived from the heart and the soul, music full of emotional and mystical commitment to newfound aesthetic precepts.

According to Hart, “During my hiatus, I had done a lot of work on myself, unraveling beliefs, healing my past, learning about love, and developing my intuition. ‘Get Closer,’ the first song on the project, describes the relationship that followed and the gradual falling away of connection.”

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Jamie Hart

The video, directed by Jay Golde, grew out of the fundamental roots of the song. Hart explains the video’s genesis, likening it to synesthesia, “The song itself stimulated visual sensations tied to both movement and colors. I could see the exact color palette and movements that would represent the emotion and the vibrations of the song. The idea came quickly to me because I could experience the movement I wanted to feel in my body when I would hear it, like the music was moving my body into these shapes. I could see the colors of the production, the purple and blue jewel tones you see in the final video.”

She adds, “I wanted to create a visual representation of the song — how I was feeling emotionally and the kind of pushing and pulling of a relationship through the movement of our bodies.”

To infuse the visuals with this tug-of-war rapport, Hart bypassed choreography and utilized “contact improv,” where dancers act in response to one another. “It’s a mindfulness practice because you have to focus so much and tune in to each other’s energy to move through the song,” says Hart.

“Get Closer” opens on emerging synths crowned by Hart’s deliciously tender voice. As the measured rhythm enters, the melody takes on shimmering pop colors, undulating on lustrous textures rippling with hints of country-pop filaments.

A muscular breakdown shifts the harmonics to beefy guitars, and then streams into a glowing crescendo highlighted by Hart’s beguiling voice, reminiscent of both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, only more vibrant and laced with exquisitely charming timbres.

“Get Closer” is elegant and potent, full of rich sonic hues, a contagious rhythm, and the nonpareil voice of Jamie Hart, a voice under marvelous lilting control.

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