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PREMIERE | LPT Releases Galvanizing ‘Sin Parar’

Randall Radic
Nov 27 · 2 min read

Meet LPT — purveyors of Salsa Dura and Afro-Cuban music from Jacksonville, Florida. Today, LPT introduces their new single, “Sin Parar,” the title track from their forthcoming debut album, slated for release January 2020.

“Sin Parar” translates to “non-stop.” Lead vocalist Josué A. Cruz explains, “The inspiration for the single is the feeling we all get from the machine. ‘The Machine’ as a metaphor for life, work, tech, and family going non-stop. As a band we decided that if the machine is going to march on without stopping then so are we. It’s almost innate in the metaphor that you have to keep marching on if the machine is marching on. It’s the only way to deal with the grinding of the gears and nerves.”

Initially a septet, LPT formed in 2015 and in due course expanded to a ten-piece orchestra made up of Milan Algood (timbales, vocals), Josué A. Cruz (lead vocals), Angel Garcia (keyboards, vocals), Mike Emmert (baritone sax), Bryant Patterson (trombone), Jonah Pierre (bongo, bell), Stan Piper (bass), Juan Carlos Rollan (tenor sax, vocals), JP Salvat (congas), and Steve Strawley (trumpet).

LPT | Photo: Miguel Emmanualli

The band’s first performance took place in a small coffee shop in the Riverside neighborhood of Jacksonville. Wildly successful, the band performed regularly at Rain Dogs in Five Points, until the crowds outgrew the place. Since then, LPT’s popularity has embraced the entire Southeast, attracting vast throngs wherever they play.

Like a mystery novel, the band’s name — LPT — remains an enigma. Some of the band’s members assert the three letters are just that, three adjacent letters, while others suggest hush-hush and/or comical explanations.

“Sin Parar” opens on potently imperative keyboards followed by emerging horns expanding on surging colors. Riding a brisk rhythm of syncopated percussion and a fat bassline the tune drives forward full of enthusiastic impetus. There’s a pushing sensuality to the melody, infusing the harmonics with rolling, undulating voluptuous washes, as Cruz’s evocative voice delivers the lyrical narrative.

Gang-like vocal harmonies infuse the lyrics with luminous depth and glossy dimension, while layered brass textures inject tantalizing inflections atop the persistent propelling brio of the infectious piano. Dripping with thrilling abandon, the music dishes-out unceasing momentum.

Marvelously wrought and arranged, “Sin Parar” projects electrifying dynamism, contagious rhythmic allure, and intoxicating Salsa Dura gusto.

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Old Pink

Music reviews, premieres, interviews.

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