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Stormy Strong

PREMIERE | Stormy Strong Releases Bewitching ‘Never Say Never’

Randall Radic
Nov 22, 2019 · 2 min read

Santa Cruz, California saltwater rock outfit Stormy Strong unveils the lyric video for “Never Say Never,” on Medium. Narrating the true life love story of a captain and a mermaid, “Never Say Never” suggests that impossible things occur every day, encouraging listeners to follow their hearts rather than logical prudence.

Produced by Stormy Strong and Chris ‘Von Pimpenstein’ Carter and recorded at Monkey Island Atoll Studios, “Never Say Never” features the talents of Doug Polhamious (bass), and Chris ‘Von Pimpenstein’ Carter (drums).

Formed in 2006 by frontman Stormy (vocals, guitar), the son of a California commercial fisherman, the band includes vocalist Surreyya Hada.

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Stormy Strong — ‘Never Say Never’

Stormy Strong’s infectious songs have been featured on Apple Music Store’s “What Rocks,” along with winning best rock song at 2017’s West Coast Songwriters, Billboard’s World Songwriting Contest, and the Great American Songwriting Contest, as well a bevy of other awards.

“Never Say Never” opens on swirling oscillating tones flowing into a potent alt-rock melody flavored with tight tinges of pop. Crunching drums and a throbbing bassline establish the contagious rhythm, as muscular shimmering guitars radiate gravitational pulsing energy.

Stormy’s rich supple tenor infuses the lyrics with arousing passion, followed by the entry of Hada’s creamy evocative voice. When the two voices merge in harmony, the result is electrifying layers of dazzling timbres and resonant surface hues.

“Slowly colliding / Under a dim red-lighted hue / Revealing our shadows / Recognizing me in you / Everything’s spinnin’ round / You realize we’re off the ground now.” And then the opulent chorus: “My heart’s unglued / Never say never / Because of you / I’ll never say never to you.”

“Never Say Never” is marvelously wrought, combining galvanizing rock textures sparkling with filaments of supercharged sonic relish, all crowned by frissons of scrumptiously creamy vocal textures.

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